Enviro-Log Firestarter- Start Your Fires The Easy Way (With Giveaway)Unless you’re Drew Barrymoore circa 1984, starting fires is no easy task. Well, maybe for some of you it is, but for me, it ranks up there with cooking something that contains more than three ingredients and making a craft that resembles the vision in my head (not those types of visions, I swear I’m totally sane! Well, mostly!). I’m not talking about the creepy arson fires. I mean fires in your actual fireplace, or someplace else that they belong. For me, it’s a wood stove.

It’s finally getting really cold out after a freakishly warm late fall, so it’s time to start relying on our wood stove more often. Electricity is way too expensive these days! Back in October, I talked about how much I like using Enviro-Logs because they made it easy to keep a fire going. Well, the company recently came out with a way to help get it going more easily in the first place– Enviro-Log Firestarters. They even help you start a fire using damp wood, which is awesome because my wood pile is in my back yard and gets covered with snow and what not.

Like Enviro-Log’s other products, the Firestarters are eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled wax. They also completely burn away, so there’s nothing left to throw out. They look like unassuming little wax cups, but they work fantastic and burn for 20 minutes with brilliantly large flames to really get the other wood around them going. You can purchase them at national retailers like Walmart, Dollar General, Home Depot and more, so they’re really easy to find. Even if you don’t routinely use your fireplace or wood stove, they’re great to have on hand for nights when the power goes out and you’re stuck freezing your butt off. Where I live, we lose power for days if a light breeze hits the wires the wrong way, and with Winter considering making his appearance finally, I need to make sure we’re stocked up on supplies. Each box contains 24 starts.


Enter to win a 24-pack of Enviro-Log Firestarters and keep warm this winter! Giveaway is open to US Residents age 18+ and ends at 12:01AM on 12/17/11. Winner will be notified via email and has 48 hours to respond. Void where prohibited.