Loving Your Pet Sponsor: Ultra Chewy Dog BonesJust two more days until the Loving Your Pet giveaway event starts! My next awesome sponsor is Ultra Chewy Dog Bones. My dogs are spoiled, and I enjoy giving them a variety of treats to go along with their regular diet. I try to limit them because I don’t want them to get overweight, although Cooper has a bottomless pit of a stomach and steals everything in sight (according to the Humane Society where we adopted him, he had a rough puppyhood, confined to a cage with ten other puppies and very little food, so even five years later, he seems to think the food supply could run dry any moment).

One of the types of treats they love best is chewy bones. Tasha, my shepherd, particularly loves them because she has a hard time chewing the really hard bones. Since Cooper and Maia have less discernible tastes, Tasha is the one I go by when it comes to judging how well they like bones. I can tell you, she definitely loved the Ultra Chewy Dog Bones! My crew got to try out the Double Treat Twisted and the regular Double Treat. Typically, when Tasha gets a bone, she sets it down in front of her and waits for the other dogs to finish theirs, then she protects hers for a bit before finally deciding to either eat it or abandon it and let one of the other two steal it. When she got the Ultra Chewy Dog Bones, she not only ate it right away, she even interrupted her favorite game (fetch, which she will play 24/7 of given the chance) to eat it. Believe me, that rarely happens!

Ultra Chewy Dog Bones

just look at that happy face! She can’t wait to get her treat. Of course, I feel like a mean doggy mom making her smile for the camera first. Then again, I make the human child smile for the camera before he can even open half the stuff he gets for review, so why should the canine children have it any different?

About Ultra Chewy Dog Bones

  • Feature delicious chicken flavor that your dogs will love.
  • Made with highly digestible rice.
  • Helps keep their teeth cleaner and reduce plaque and tarter.
  • Available in single or value packs.
  • Created by Rush Direct, a woman-owned company with over 25 years experience in the pet product industry

Loving Your Pet Prize Contribution

Ultra Chewy is providing a variety of dog bone treats to the winner of my Loving Your Pet giveaway. Be sure to come back on July 1st to enter! In the mean time, check out Ultra Chewy on Facebook for a chance to receive a free bone and keep up with news. They’re also on Twitter. You can find Ultra Chewy Dog Bones at PetSmart and online at Amazon.

Loving Your Pet Sponsor: Ultra Chewy Dog Bones