Back to School Spree Sponsor: I See Me Personalized Coloring BookBack in June, I had the opportunity to review  My Very Happy Birthday Book from I See Me. It just so happened to be their book of the month in June, and my son’s birthday fell smack-dab in the middle of that month. Since Jacob loved that book so much, I was really happy when I See Me offered to be a sponsor in my Back to School Spree giveaway. They sent me a personalized place mat and a personalized coloring book, both of which Jacob was thrilled with. The placemat is gorgeous, and the coloring book is way cooler than I expected (and I tend to have pretty high expectations!)

My Very Own Name Coloring and Activity Book

Each page in the personalized coloring and activity book represents one letter in your child’s name, making it a truly and completely personalized experience. The fun doesn’t end once the name is spelled out, though. From there, kids can match up animals that start with each letter and do other activities based on their name.

Back to School Spree Sponsor: I See Me Personalized Coloring Book

In each of the activities, your child is addressed by name. For example, on the maze page, it says “Jacob, help the monkey find its way to the bananas.” There’s even a page for him to practice writing his name. Considering handwriting is the one area that he has the most difficulty with, I really appreciated this. The last page tells the story of the day your child was born, which is a really nice touch! Both you and your child will enjoy coloring together.

The Personalized Placemat From I See Me

I had such a hard time getting a good picture of this one because my camera just isn’t very cooperative these days, but Jacob received the Cars and Vehicles Personalized Mat like the one pictured below.

Back to School Spree Sponsor: I See Me Personalized Coloring BookThe mat is super sturdy and really easy to clean. At 12×17 inches in size, it’s a pretty good size. It’s made from strong plastic all the way through, and not just a laminated piece of cardboard like some placemats. Basically, it’s not going to fall apart on you anytime soon as long as you don’t do anything crazy, like putting it in the dishwasher.

Visit I See Me online to learn more about their great selection of personalized books, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with news. Come back on August 17th to enter to win a Personalized coloring book and placemat of your choice from I See Me.