Help Lower Cholesterol With Nordic Naturals Fish OilAt a recent doctor’s visit, Sal was told that his bad cholesterol was a little high and his good cholesterol a little low. We thought his doctor would put him on medicine, but oddly enough, she recommended Fish Oil supplements. She said they’re really the best way to lower the bad stuff and raise the good stuff. I’ll admit, I was pretty surprised, as most doctors I know tend to push pharmaceuticals pretty hard. When we got home, I contacted Nordic Naturals, because I had worked with them before on a post for Omega-3 for Pets. I was so impressed with the quality of their product for animals, that I figured they had to make something great for humans too. They do! In fact, they make a pretty wide variety of Fish Oil and Omega-3 products for people.

The Link Between Fish Oil and Lower “Bad” Cholesterol Levels

Fish is one of the most beneficial foods for people with a myriad of conditions, including high triglycerides (a type of bad cholesterol). It is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which have been shown to lower bad cholesterol and help protect the heart. Many people don’t really eat enough fish. I don’t eat anything that comes from the water, and while Sal is less picky, fish just isn’t a major part of our diet. Plus, when you’re working to lower your cholesterol, you really need something that you can take on a daily basis. Can you imagine eating fish every single day? Maybe you can, but I certainly can’t!

Fish oil supplements contain the beneficial parts of the fish in a convenient capsule form. According to the Mayo Clinic, human trials indicate that the supplements do help lower triglyceride levels. However, as with any supplement, if you do have high cholesterol, it is best to talk to your doctor before taking.

Why Nordic Naturals Fish Oil?

If you’re going to take Fish oil supplements, you want to make sure you’re getting the absolute best product for your money. Nordic Naturals uses only the most premium ingredients in their fish oil and Omega supplements. Other reasons to choose Nordic Naturals include:

  • Meeting the highest level of safety standards.The US is sadly lacking in any sort of regulation when it comes to supplements, but Europe is way ahead of us in that respect. They have stringent standards. Nordic Naturals strives to meet those standards, making them one of the safest supplement companies on the market.
  • They use the freshest ingredients possible.By using fresh fish, Nordic Naturals not only minimizes that nasty fishy taste that occurs with many fish oil supplements, they also keep out harmful free radicals that can ruin the quality and lower the health benefits.
  • They-re eco-friendly.Nordic Naturals gets their fish from sustainable areas to avoid over-fishing. Read more about their environmentally conscious way of business at Planet Nordic.

Results: It’s too early to tell how well the Nordic Natural Fish Oil and Omega-3 supplements are working at lowering Sal’s triglycerides, but he does like that the supplements are convenient and don’t taste nasty. We’ll keep you updated on his progress after his next checkup. Help Lower Cholesterol With Nordic Naturals Fish Oil