Ornaments With Love: Personalized Angry Bird Ornament ReviewLast year, I had the opportunity to work with the lovely people at Ornaments of Love on a review of their space ship ornament. I was so impressed with the quality of the ornament that I was thrilled to have the chance to work with them again this year.

Jacob, like half the kids in the country, is really into Angry Birds right now. After searching through all the fun offerings on Ornaments with Love this year, I settled on the iconic red personalized Angry Bird ornament.

Personalizing my Angry Bird ornament only took a few seconds, and the ordering process was over in less than a few minutes. My ornament arrived on my doorstep very quickly, wrapped up securely to avoid breakage. I love the vivid colors in the Angry Bird ornament! The details are amazing, and  pictures really don’t do it justice. I think he’s going to look awesome on the tree this year!

Angry Bird Ornament

Since I did the space ship ornament review with Ornaments with Love last year, I can tell you that these ornaments really hold up well. I have cats who like to climb in the tree, dogs who bump into it, and a child who rearranges everything on the tree on a daily basis. His ornament from last year still looks just as awesome this year (I dug it out to see how it held up, my tree isn’t up yet, of course).

Aside from the red Angry Bird ornament, Ornaments with Love also has the green pig that stole the eggs and made the birds so darn angry in the first place (I actually just learned that from the description of the ornament, up until now I had no idea why those birds were so ticked off).

Ornaments for the Whole Family

Of course, Ornaments with Love sells way more than just Angry Birds ornaments! They have a huge selection of ornaments for everyone in the family, from Baby’s First Christmas to ornaments for the grandparents. For everyone in between, they cover a wide variety of interests, so you can choose the ornament that really represents your family’s favorite activities. They also have some really cute table top decorations-like super hero themed nutcrackers- and personalized frames.

What makes Ornaments with Love so spectacular, aside from their really cool ornaments of course, is that their prices are actually really fair. Many of the ornaments, including the Angry Bird ornament, are just $9.95 plus shipping. That includes the personalization.

Connect with Ornaments With Love

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Ornaments With Love: Personalized Angry Bird Ornament Review