Gifts for Kids: Dave Ramsey's The Best Christmas EverBack in March, Jacob and I got to check out the entire boxed set of the Junior Adventures book series by Dave Ramsey. The books have been a huge hit in our house and Jacob often re-reads them at story time each night. He loves learning about how to save, spend, and share his money in a reasonable manner so that it really goes as far as possible. He also loves the stories that lead up to the big lesson. When I heard that Dave Ramsey was coming out with a Christmas book, called The Best Christmas Ever, we were both excited to check it out. It’s a limited-edition book that comes with an audio CD, making it even more exciting!

For those who don’t know, Dave Ramsey is like the go-to guy for getting your finances in order. While the majority of his books and services were aimed at adults, he saw a gap in the financial education of children and found a way to fulfill it in a fun and engaging way.

Junior’s Lesson in The Best Christmas Ever

In The Best Christmas Ever, Junior and his sister head out to the toy fair with their mom. Like all kids, they are super excited to check out all the hottest new toys and started adding to their list. They run from stand to stand, oohing and ahhing…and wanting. I don’t know about you, but this scene was very familiar to me! The kids are super excited because there is a huge giveaway at the toy fair. One boy and one girl will each win a prize. Of course, Junior and his sister don’t win, and they’re very disappointed.

On the way out of the fair, they see a tree with names on it. Their mom explains that these kids have nothing, and they really want things that they actually need, like coats and clothes. Junior and his sister decide to each choose a child to help. They also decide to skip buying toys for each other that year, and instead the whole family makes gifts for each other. In the end, the children learn that Christmas is about giving and enjoying time as a family.

Why we Love This Book

Jacob loves it because it featured Junior, one of his favorite characters. He enjoyed the story and when asked about the lesson learned, he got it right. I love it for several reasons.

  • It shares the spirit of the season in an approachable way, without feeling preachy. The only religious mention in the entire book is at the end, where Ramsey shares a religious quote. So basically, anyone can enjoy it and learn from it without feeling like they have to subscribe to a certain belief.
  • It’s fun for parents to read too. Some children’s books are, well, a little boring. I’m sorry, but they are! I mean, not boring for the kids, obviously, or they wouldn’t read them, but not exactly fun for parents to read either. The Best Christmas Ever is a great story with an entire plot, engaging characters, and great illustrations. I enjoyed reading it to Jacob.
  • I love, love, love the section at the end with all the different ideas for crafts and handmade gifts. I thought that was just such a really nice touch. There’s a recipe for Reindeer cookies, a tutorial on how to make your own popcorn garland, and so much more.

Gifts for Kids: Dave Ramsey's The Best Christmas Ever

If you’re looking for a great relatively non-secular book to share the meaning of Christmas and encourage your children to give rather than receive, The Best Christmas Ever will make the perfect addition to your holiday library. The book typically retails for $19..9 on DaveRamsey.comm, but it’s currently on sale for $14.95. It’s worth every penny and more.


Gifts for Kids: Dave Ramsey's The Best Christmas Ever