EatSmart Precision Digital Tracker ScaleLast year, I did a review of EatSmart’s Precision Digital Bathroom Scale, and while I absolutely loved the scale, there was one thing that I wished it did: track your progress. Actually, I believe I said something along the lines of how I wished it would yell “hooray, you rock!” when you lost weight, but that’s kind of along the lines of tracking weight loss (or, uh, gain, if you happen to fall off the diet wagon). Well, EatSmart must have been paying attention, because now they have the EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Scale! Okay, actually, they kind of had it in the works before my post came out, so I don’t think I get any credit in that, but to me it shows the company is basically able to predict what their customers want most in a scale.

Just how cool is the EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Scale?

Pretty darn cool, actually! I’ve always had a mixed relationship with scales. I think most people do. First, I love how this scale looks in the bathroom, all sleek and classy. Check it out. My picture doesn’t exactly do it justice, though.


See? Shiny and pretty! Of course, shiny and pretty doesn’t mean squat if it’s not functional. Like the original Precision Scale, this one has instant step-on technology so you get your reading right away, awesome sensors to provide accurate measurements, and a lovely vibrant back-lit display so you can weigh yourself in the dark if you want to. The newer, awesome features include:

  • Short-term and long-term weight tracking. This is great if you want to break your goals up into smaller amounts over a longer time.
  • The ability to set several users, so you can track everyone in your house. It’s pretty easy to set, too. Just hit the button until you get to the user you want to set and jump on the scale. Well, maybe don’t jump. “Gently stand” is probably a better way of putting it.
  • A psychic ability to know which person is standing on the scale. Okay, maybe it’s not psychic. I’m sure it has to do with some sort of mathematical algorithm or something, but bottom line, it knows the difference between you and your kid, so you can’t fool it into thinking you lost a bunch of weight overnight.

I am so glad that my mom stole my first scale, because as cool as that one was, this one is way cooler. Now if they could just find a way to make it burn calories while I’m standing on it so the numbers go down faster, I will really be happy!