I was just going through emails when I saw one that I missed from a few days ago with fun writing prompts related to the upcoming release of Disney’s Peter Pan on Blu-Ray/DVD. They basically all revolved around the “never growing up” theme, and they got me thinking about how I stay in touch with my own inner child.

Want to enjoy your life more? Stop acting like a grown up all the time and let your inner child come out to play! Here's how!

I’m a grown-up when I need to be. I drive the proper speed limit and put my child to bed at a reasonable hour on school nights. I work, pay the bills, and do other things that grown-ups need to do. However, when I don’t need to be a grown-up, I avoid it at all costs! For example, I’d rather stay home and play video games with my son than go to a fancy party. I wear footie pajamas to bed and drink my coffee out of an Eeyore mug. To me, staying in touch with my own inner child helps me stay in touch with my son. Plus, it’s just plain fun! If you’re having trouble reconnecting with your inner child, check out these tips.

Connect with your inner child

Tips for Reconnecting with Your Inner Child…and Maybe Connecting With Your Actual Child

  • Be silly! As grown-ups, we spend a lot of time being dreadfully series. You can’t really tell cheesy knock-knock jokes in the middle of a business meeting or make insanely goofy faces at the waiter who brings you that non-fat skinny latte. Well, you can, but chances are someone will call those men with the white coats. At home, though, you can be as silly as you want. Sing made-up songs at the top of your lungs, laugh at your kids jokes that only a kid finds hilarious (“What’s that under there?” “Under where?” Cue uproarious laughter). Forget about you image for a few hours and just go with the silly flow!
  • Break out the coloring book and crayons. Nothing brings back the memory of being a child quite like a fresh coloring book and the smell of brand new crayons. Next time your child asks you to color with him, do it. Also, feel free to embrace colors not seen in nature. A brown squirrel is cute and accurate and all that good stuff. A purple squirrel, however, is just plain cool.
  • Eat dessert for dinner. Yes, you’re a grown up now and you’re supposed to eat balanced meals. You’re also supposed to teach your child the value of eating right. Seriously, though, has anyone ever died of malnutrition from eating ice-cream sundaes for dinner once every few months? You can make up for it the next day by serving broccoli for dessert, if you really must.
  • Stay up past your bedtime. I love sleep, and since I went through a phase where I was obsessed with learning everything I could about it, I know the value of a good night’s rest. But like the whole dessert for dinner thing, one night of staying up way past your bedtime and watching movies that are strictly entertaining (no deep thought-provoking dramas allowed) isn’t going to bring on the apocalypse. I remember staying up late every November when the Wizard of Oz was on TV.
  • Get down on the ground and build something cool. Rather than dragging that Oprah book club selection to the beach that you’re reading just to look sophisticated (come on now, you know you’ve done that!), bring extra buckets and build a sand castle. In the winter, get on your water-proof gloves and go out in the snow to build a rockin’ snow fort with your kids.

There are so many ways to reconnect with your inner child. Basically, anything that allows you to act like a kid, even for just an hour, can do you a world of good.

How do you like to connect with your inner child?