Oh boy, this one has the potential to be a very long post! Today’s prompt is my favorite quote or quotes. I have many of them! In fact, I’ve done a bunch of quote-related posts on Pretty Opinionated over the last few years. Check out Wonderful Words: Quotes about Books, Inspirational Quotes About Change, Welcome, Autumn: Quotes About My Favorite Season, and Lovely Quotes About Summer for examples. Of course, throwing up links to my old post and calling it a day would totally be cheating! Plus, I can’t pass up the chance to share a few more of my favorite quotes with you!

Favorite Quotes: Words to Live By

Most of my favorite quotes come from Alice in Wonderland. In fact, I could probably just type up the entire book and be done with it. This is my favorite though, because it reflects my personality. If you read yesterday’s post with the 5 Random Facts about Me, the last one states that I believe in faeries, ghosts, aliens, and magic. To most people, that’s already four impossible things! It’s easy to throw in two more for the day. Believe in the impossible, and it becomes possible.

Believe six impossible things


This has always been one of my favorite sayings, because, well, I’m a little nut! One day, maybe I too can be a great oak.

Greatest Oak




What is your favorite quote?