Updated with fresh Easter basket gift ideas for boys in March, 2015.
Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys

Every year around this time, I start to get a little anxious because Easter is just a few days away and I’m still not done with Jacob’s basket. When it comes to Christmas, I’m done a good month in advance, but for some reason, Easter just sneaks up on me! While Easter isn’t nearly as elaborate as Christmas in our house, I still like to give him a nice basket. If you’re like me and still haven’t barely started on gifts for your little man, these ideas may help. I broke it down into a few categories to make it easier.

5 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Your Gamer

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Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Gamers

  • Skylanders Trap Team. If he already has the Portal of Power and the game itself, Easter is a great time to add on some characters. If he doesn’t have the game, Amazon has the Skylanders Trap Team Starter Set 40 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys on sale for $45.00-$55, depending on the console. Target often has fabulous sales on characters, typically ranging from 40% off to buy two get one free deals.
  • Minecraft. Jacob is a huge fan of this game, and even years later, still plays it regularly. He builds some incredibly impressive worlds with it!  If you don’t already have it and are considering getting it, the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition40 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys is available for $19.99 new. Already have the game? How about a cool Minecraft Foam Sword40 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys?
  • Posters from their favorite games. My son loves posters because they look cool. I like them because it’s an easy way to create a theme in a room without the commitment of painting or buying themed furniture items. Check out AllPosters for some cool posters from your son’s favorite games!
  • Pokemon– If your gamer is into Pokemon, then just about anything from the franchise makes for great Easter basket gift ideas. The latest game for Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Omega Ruby, would be a huge hit!
  • XBOX Live- This is really a great gift for the whole family, as you can use it to watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, and more. Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card40 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys prices vary on Amazon. I suggest waiting until close to Easter, when prices tend to dip to attract moms like us looking to fill those Easter baskets! Also, some sellers on Amazon charge less than others.

5 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Your Sports Fan

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

  • Sports books. Books like The Everything Kids’ Baseball Book40 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys and The World’s Greatest Soccer Players 40 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys are a great way to get your young sports fan reading!
  • Magazine Subscription. Get your sports fan a subscription to Sports Illustrated for Kids, and the fun will continue all year long. Put a picture of the latest magazine cover in the basket so he knows what he’s getting.
  • T-shirt from favorite team or player.  Roll up a shirt from your son’s favorite team or player and stuff it in the Easter basket so he can show it off to all his friends.
  • Sports cards. Just about every sport has a set of cards out there now!
  • MLB Spot It Game- If you have a baseball fanatic in your house, the MLB Spot-It Game40 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys is sure to be a hit. It’s kind of like Memory meets Go Fish meets sports trivia.

5 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Young Readers

Easter Basket Gift ideas for boys who love to read

  • Captain Underpants. We did a review of the latest Captain Underpants book recently, and Jacob became an instant fan. He’s read several more since, and often in a single day! They average about 80 pages or so, so that’s pretty amazing for my little reader!
  • Superhero books. Comic book fans will love books like Meet The Marvel Super Heroes40 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys, which features facts and trivia on all their favorite Marvel heroes. This is also a great book for parents to read with kids, as it will help catch you up on the Marvel universe so you can keep up with conversation with your son.
  • Joke books. Does your son love telling jokes? Are you getting a little tired of hearing the same ones over and over? Give him some new material with a brand new joke book or two.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book. Jacob picked up the The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book 40 Awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys at a book fair a couple years ago  and he spent hours answering the questions and doing the activities. Since then, he’s read every single book that’s come out!
  • Cool bookmarks. Inspire your young reader to delve into more chapter books with a few really cool bookmarks in a theme he loves. Bonus- make them yourself and save money! All it takes is some card-stock paper, a printer, and maybe some lamination  to make them last longer.

25 More Fun Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys

  1. Temporary tattoos
  2. iTunes gift card
  3. Microsoft Store cards for XBOX downloads (you can get some cool games in the indie section for just $1-2!)
  4. Silly putty
  5. Crayons, markers, and colored pencils (for the creative types)
  6. this year’s hottest card game (Pokemon, Skylanders, Magic the Gathering, etc)
  7. Hot Wheels
  8. Small craft kits for boys
  9. Regular playing cards
  10. Cool body wash and bubble bath (Jake loves anything with Spongebob on it)
  11. DVDs
  12. Sidewalk chalk
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Slinky
  15. Whoopie Cushion- For the jokester!
  16. Glow Wands
  17. Comic books
  18. Movie tickets
  19. A Coupon book from you, with coupons for things like “Ice-cream for dinner night” “family movie night,” and so on.
  20. Money- I put change in the eggs that Jacob hunts for, it only adds up to a few dollars but he loves it!
  21. Bouncy balls- Jake can’t seem to have enough of these for some reason!
  22. Small LEGO kits (like the ones that come in a little baggie)
  23. Yo-Yo
  24. Stuffed animal (I like Kohl’s Cares line, because they’re only $5 and the money goes to a good cause).
  25. A cool new kid-centric watch

Do you have any great Easter basket gift ideas for boys? I could always use more inspiration!