Five Blogs You Should Read Every DayYes, I’m slacking on the 31 Day Blog Challenge, but I figure I’m still in the game with my sporadic posts! Today’s prompt is “Five blogs on my must-read list,” and it’s another one that I really wanted to do because I think it’s important to support other bloggers. I have hundreds of blogs in my Google Reader (which, by the way, is vanishing, so now I have to figure out another way to keep up!), so narrowing it down to five was incredibly difficult. I’ve done a few posts featuring favorite blogs, so I figured I’d link to those, then give you five new ones that aren’t on those lists. Is that cheating?


A few months back, I did a Latte Love post that featured five blogs I read every morning. Check those out, because they’re high on my list of must-read blogs. I also did a post on five favorite food blogs that I frequent. It was an attempt at a new weekly feature, but I forgot to keep it up. We all know how awful I am at sticking to regular features. I’d like to say that I just enjoy switching things up all the time and keeping you on your toes, but the truth is, I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to consistent weekly features. Anyway, check those out for more of my favorite, must-read blogs. In the meantime, here are five completely different ones that are high on my list!

Five Blogs You Should be Reading

My Kids Guide– My Kids Guide is the sister site to Our Family World, and it features educational activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the amazingly awesome Olfa, so I get to enjoy all the great posts before anyone else! While my son is beyond the preschool years, a lot of the crafts and activities also work great for school-age kids. I love the focus on inexpensive, easy crafts and fun ideas. Most can be done with what you have around the home, and some don’t require anything more than your child and a bit of imagination.

Grandma Juice – On the complete opposite end of the blogging spectrum is Grandma Juice. This site is an often hilarious, occasionally irreverent, but always very real look at the life of a young grandmother. She’s definitely NOT your average grandma! Although she does feature some amazing recipes that, in my opinion, only a grandma can make.

Midget Momma – Back during Irene, when my power was out for just three days (compared to the nightmarish 8 days with Sandy), I grabbed my laptop and headed towards the nearest McDonalds for the free wi-fi. I sat down next to a woman who was also deeply attached to her laptop, and who happened to be sitting in front of the only available outlet. Turns out, that woman was Lauren, the charismatic blogger behind Midget Momma. We chatted while we worked, and I’ve been hooked on her site since. Midget Momma offers some of the best deals on the internet, along with a healthy helping of reviews, recommendations, and a  dose of conversation.

Green Eggs & Spam– This site wasn’t around when I did my Five Favorite Food Blogs post, or it would have been at the top of the list. The pictures alone on the front page are a mouthwatering experience! I have a huge list of recipes that I want Boyfriend to make for me from Amber’s site. She claims she’s not a chef, just the family cook, but with recipes like hers, she should have her own show!

Confessions of an Overworked Mom– Aside from the fact that this blog is just so pretty to look at, Ellen provides some awesome tips on saving money, getting pretty, crafting, and cooking. Her post, Tips for Food Photography Photos on Your Blog was incredibly helpful even though I don’t do much food photography. The tips are practical for any type of photos! I love Ellen’s site because everything from the recipes to the makeup tips are very down-to-earth and approachable.

Wow, I’m already at five blogs already? This list really could go on and on. There are so many amazing blogs out there. I discover more and more every day that I love to keep up with. Granted, I don’t often have the time to read every single blog that I follow every day, but I make it a point to visit different sites and check out what my fellow bloggers are up to as often as possible.

What are your favorite blogs?