Hello, UBP13 attendees! I kind of forgot to get my party post ready, so I’m throwing this together last minute.  I’m really looking forward to hopping around and checking out everyone’s blogs, meeting new people, and making new connections.

About Me

My name is Nikki. I’m a blogger (obviously), freelance writer and mom to a 7-year-old son (Jacob). I spend the majority of my days on the computer working on my own site as well as doing writing,  editing and other behind-the-scenes work for Our Family World and My Kid Guide, both of which are owned by the wonderful Olfa Turki. When I’m not glued to the computer, I enjoy spending time with my son and my boyfriend (Sal).

About Pretty Opinionated

Pretty Opinionated started out as a review and giveaway blog, but is evolving into something much more diverse. While I still love reviewing awesome products, I’m getting back to the what I know best: writing helpful, fun, or inspiring articles that will (hopefully) resonate with my readers. Expect to see a variety of content, from reviews of great products that you or your children will love to helpful tips on staying healthy, having fun with the family, and other lifestyle topics. I’m even enlisting my amazing boyfriend, Sal, to create a few recipes here and there for me. He’s an awesome chef. Me? Not so much!

Check out a few of my favorite posts on Pretty Opinionated

We recently welcomed a new member to our family. Check out my Meet Krystal the Guinea Pig post and learn about how PetSmart helped us choose the best small pet for our family. I also have three dogs, three cats, and a parrot.

I’m not very crafty, but I did recently learn how to make subway art! It’s so easy, even a puppy could do it.

Complimenting someone can make their day a lot brighter, but sometimes compliments come across as fake when we don’t put much effort into them. Learn how to give a compliment without sounding creepy or fake.

Sal got me a tablet for our one-year anniversary back in December, and I’ve been addicted to downloading and trying new apps. Check out my favorite apps for ereading and for improving your brain skills.

My son was a late bloomer when it came to talking. Now he talks non-stop, but I’m always looking for cool games to play to enhance his vocabulary!

I also have a bunch of giveaways going on right now. Check the sidebar under “Current Giveaways” to see if anything catches your eye!

Thanks for visiting Pretty Opinionated! I hope you’ll come back again!