Coming up with Father’s Day gift ideas can be a challenge. I mean, how many ties can you possibly buy a guy before he starts to think you want him to hang himself with them? He only has one head (get your minds out of the gutter, you know what I mean), so getting him yet another shaver or beard really isn’t practical so much as lazy on your part (unless he broke the other one or it’s worn out, then it’s mildly acceptable). He already spends enough time on the lawn, do you really want to give him more tools to avoid the indoors longer? Look, those are all okay gifts in a pinch, but this Father’s Day, why not step outside the toolbox and come up with something really unique?

Oddly enough, going the unique Father’s Day gift ideas route is easier than going with the traditional. There are so many cool things out there that fit into just about any interest, no matter how off-the-wall, like zombies. Yes, I know, everyone thinks zombies are cool now, so they’re not really off-the-wall, but honestly, I just don’t get the fascination. Still, this isn’t about me. It’s about the men in our lives, and what they would like.

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Unique Man in Your Life

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

First, let me just note, before we get to the good stuff, that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you like these ideas and actually buy something from one of the sites, I can feed my dogs for another month. They’re very big. They eat like horses. Hey, if enough of you buy stuff, I could actually get a horse! Well, maybe a small horse. A toy horse. A picture of a horse? I digress, as usual. Did you expect otherwise?

Zombie Defense Kit

Zombie Defense Solutions: 3-Day Survival KitUnique Father's Day Gift Ideas – Apparently, the zombie apocalypse is coming. I don’t see it, but everyone else seems to. If your guy is a zombie doomsday prepper, he’ll love this kit. Even if he just thinks zombies are mildly cool, he’ll still get a kick out of  it. It comes with the tools you need to provide water, food, warmth, and basic first aid for three days. It’s only enough for one person, though, so maybe you should get your own. Or steal his when the zombies come. Oh, and it’s only enough for three days. After that, you’re on your own. With a shelf-life of 5 years, it’s a practical solution to those first moments after the zombies take over. Or, you know, you could use it for camping. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

Giant Microbes Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Giant Microbes Stomach Ache Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas– Give your man a stomach ache that he’ll actually enjoy! If your guy loves microbiology (and who doesn’t?), he’ll find Giant Microbes endlessly amusing. I’m not a guy, but I love them! I mean, how else can you give someone a deadly disease without ending up in Guantanamo (is that place still active?)? The Giant Microbes plush diseases are just so much fun, and come in so many forms! Give him a stomach ache, kissing disease, chicken pox and more!

 Doctor Who Dalek Alarm Clock
Underground Toys Doctor Who Dalek Projector Alarm ClockUnique Father's Day Gift Ideas – Okay, so, you sort of have to be a fan of Doctor Who as well if you plan to get this one for your guy. Well, unless you sleep in separate rooms. I personally would love to wake up to the sound of “Exterminate!” rather than my annoying “beep beep beep beep” clock. Seriously, this alarm clock is awesome. I want one.

Blurb  Book Father's Day Gift Idea

Father’s Day Photo Book – The cool thing about photo books is that you can customize them any way you want. I made a Blurb photo book for my son recently, and it was so easy. To make it more unique for your guy, incorporate his interests into the book. Rather than just giving him a book of all the cute pictures of your family (those are great too), why not give him a book featuring all of his great fishing catches

Dapper Bacon

Dapper Bacon Shirt from RedBubble- If your man loves bacon, he’ll love this Dapper Bacon shirt. Even if he doesn’t love bacon, RedBubble has so many cool t-shirts, iPhone cases and artwork, you’ll definitely find a unique Father’s Day gift idea there!

Finding great unique Father’s Day gift ideas doesn’t have to be difficult. Just think about what your guy likes, then search for items that fit that theme!