I received an awesome selection of Fair Trade items in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Fair Trade Christmas Gifts


I can’t even tell you how much I love Fair Trade USA items. I had the pleasure of working with them over Mother’s Day when I featured gifts for eco-minded coffee-loving moms. When they contacted me about featuring them in my holiday gift guide, I once again poured over their insanely amazing offerings and had a hard time picking my favorites! You know I love coffee, so that definitely had to be one of my picks. Since my last post was ALL coffee, I switched it up a bit this time. In addition to the Green Mountain Fair Trade coffee, I also received Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate and Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Mint snacking chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived and I found other great goodies in it as well! Like I said, I love Fair Trade USA!

A Sampling of Delicious Fair Trade Goodies for Holiday Stockings and Gifts

  • Green Mountain Coffee Three Continent Blend: I’ve always been a fan of Green Mountain Coffee. They make such a variety of delicious flavors from mild to bold. The Three Continent Blend has to be one of my favorites so far. It combines beans from, you guessed it, three continents. The Sumatran beans from Indonesia give it the bold flavor that carries the coffee. I love Sumatran coffee! The South American beans add a light sweetness while the African beans give it a bit of a floral finish. The result is an amazing cup of coffee that takes you around the world in a single serving.

Fair Trade Spicy Aztec Cocoa

  • Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate from Lake Champlain Chocolates: Winter isn’t complete without a mug of hot cocoa at least a few times a week. It’s my favorite way to relax after a long day now. Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate is completely different from plain old hot cocoa from a packet! First, it’s made with milk, so it’s incredibly rich and creamy! Second, it has a nice cayenne and cinnamon kick, with a bit of vanilla to balance it out. I love the mixture of sweet and spicy!

Fair Trade Bark Thins

  • barkThins Dark Chocolate Mint snacking chocolate: These snacking chocolates are the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays. They contain real peppermint candy pieces, so they pretty much scream Christmas. The dark chocolate flavor is so bold and creamy, while the peppermint adds a refreshing twist. They’re made with Fair Trade certified chocolate right here in the US. The mint candies are natural and free of corn syrup too! The best part? They’re insanely delicious, yet somehow just a single piece satisfies your cravings.

Fair Trade TCHO

  • TCHO Galactic Gelato: This was one of the extra surprises that Fair Trade USA threw in for me, and I’m glad they did! At first, I was a little leery. See, the candy is made with freeze-dried mint astronaut ice-cream swirled into rich dark chocolate. When I was a kid, I tried astronaut ice-cream and wasn’t impressed. Either it’s come a long way since then or TCHO just knows what they’re doing, because the result was an incredibly unique mint chocolate candy that was delicious to the last bite. The texture of the mint astronaut ice-cream was slightly crunchy yet airy. It added such a neat dimension to the dark chocolate bars.
  • Eco Lips ONE WORLD Relax Calming Lip Balm: This was another extra goodie that came at just the right time. I tried out Eco Lips customized lip balm and loved it, but I didn’t get to try their other blends. My package arrived in the middle of a chapped-lips crisis for Jacob. Every year, he licks his lips around this time and gets horribly chapped. I was so relieved and surprised to see how well the Relax Calming Lip Balm worked. With its blend of Vitamin E, lavender, organic oils and other essential oils, it helped relieve the chapped lips pain practically overnight. The generous-sized tube means we’ll have plenty on hand all season long, even though my child slathers it on in globs!

Fair Trade USA items are a fantastic way to give gifts that are meaningful. See, when you give Fair Trade, you’re not only giving high-quality, often unique items, you’re also giving back to families around the world. Visit Fair Trade USA to learn more about the benefits of gifting certified Fair Trade items.