I received a complimentary item from Peaceable Kingdom to facilitate this best stocking stuffers for kids post. All opinions are my own.

Peaceable Kingdom Stocking Stuffers for kids

I have the hardest time coming up with cute stocking stuffers for kids, especially for my son! He used to be so easy when he was little. Now that he’s 8 going on 18, he’s becoming increasingly challenging. He doesn’t really eat a lot of candy. Besides, I don’t really want to load his stocking up with junk food anyway. He’s not really into all the trading cards that he loved just two years ago. He doesn’t play with cars much anymore. What else is left? I’ll tell you: fun activity kits from Peaceable Kingdom!

We fell in love with Peaceable Kingdom back when we reviewed their cooperative games for kids. Jacob and I had such fun playing games in which we were on the same team! For once, there were no tears over losing! Hey, it’s hard to lose, you’d cry too if your kid always beat you! Now, I’m excited about all the amazing stocking stuffers for kids that Peaceable Kingdom has to offer!

Head to Outer Space with Peaceable Kingdom Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Peaceable Kingdom Stocking Stuffers for kids

Peaceable Kingdom has page after page after page of fun sticker sets, including our favorite, the Glow-in-the-Dark Space Mobile. This quick sticker craft costs just $5 and comes with everything you need to create a personalized mobile to hang in your child’s room. Jacob and I had fun putting it together. The really cool thing about it is that no two are the same. Your child designs the scenes that go on each part of the mobile. Just peel the stickers and place them on the little boards. Guess what? You don’t need anything aside from what comes in the kit to assemble it either!

Basically, you use the stickers to hold the ribbons in place, then smaller stickers to hold each dangling part to the center of the mobile. I did use a little tape to secure it better, but aside from that, I didn’t need a single thing to build and hang my mobile. Theoretically, you could even use a stronger sticker to hang it on the ceiling. I happened to have a hook already in place from an old stuffed animal holder, so I used that. Check it out!

Peaceable Kingdom Stocking Stuffers for kids

Um, please ignore the girly border around my son’s room. We’re renting, so he’s pretty much stuck with it! Isn’t that mobile cute though? For $5, you have a fun craft and a great glow-in-the-dark space scene that will last for years to come.

Head over to Peaceable Kingdom to check out all the other great sticker sets they have available! Whether your child wants to hit the high seas with pirates, plan a princess party or travel back in time to the land of the dinosaurs, Peaceable Kingdom has a kit that’s perfect for stuffing in the stockings.