#spon: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.How I Spent My Holiday Vacation with My Intel All-In-One #IntelAIO

I’ve had my beautiful HP Envy Rove Intel All-in-One PC for about two months now. I’ve been loving every minute of it. During those two months, I’ve been incredibly busy at work. Aside from my usual online work as editor-in-chief of OurFamilyWorld and MyKidsGuide, not to mention running this site, I also worked outside the home as the manager of the Santa photo set at my local mall. So basically, I didn’t have a single moment left over for relaxing and just having fun.

Since Christmas was this past week, I decided to take off all of Christmas Eve night (after the Santa set closed) and the entire day on Christmas. I even took off half the day on the 26th! I spent most of that time relaxing and reading. However, I did carve out a little fun time on my spiffy AIO computer! I recently downloaded a few new apps from the Windows 8 app store that I wanted to check out. Take a look at how I spent my holiday vacation with my Intel AIO.

Chatting with my brother on Skype


The most important thing I did on my Intel AIO this Christmas was chat with my brother on Skype. Why was that the absolute highlight of my vacation? Well, because my brother and his wife delivered my niece, Abigail, on Christmas morning! She’s freaking beautiful! I really want to show you a picture, but I’m not sure if my brother is okay with that yet. With my huge 20″ screen, my mom and I were able to get an up-close peek at Abigail, right down to her sweet little button nose. I never could have done that on my old computer. That thing didn’t even have a built-in webcam or microphone!

Creating Christmas Collages

Intel AIO Phototastic Colllage

Pardon the alliteration there, but one of my favorite Windows 8 apps is Phototastic, which allows me to easily create gorgeous collages. I usually use it for blogging purposes, but I decided to make some fun collages just for myself! Maybe I’ll use them to make photo books later on.

Browsing for new Windows 8 Themes

Intel AIO Theme

I change themes on my computer more often than most people change their socks, so I spent some time downloading tons of new themes for upcoming months. It was time to let go of the Christmas themes (that always makes me sad). However, since it’s winter, I grabbed a gorgeous Frozen Formations theme from the Windows Theme page. With my vibrant screen, I love downloading high-def images! Logging on to my computer is always a visual delight. By the way, I grabbed that screenshot with SnipIt, my favorite screen shot app.

How I Spent My Holiday Vacation with My Intel All-In-One #IntelAIO

These are just a few of the fun ways that I spent my holiday vacation with my Intel AIO. I find a new surprise around every corner each time I have a chance to really explore my HP Envy Rove. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with a computer! It allows me to do so much, from work to play to shopping and everything else. I’ve only had this baby for two months, but already I would be completely lost without it.