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The weather has been insanely weird here in the Poconos. Last week it was hot enough for shorts and t-shirts. This week, I had to wear my winter coat and was still freezing! I think we’re finally coming to the end of the brutal weather though (please let this be true, I will keel over if it snows in May!). With the warmer weather coming, I’m really looking forward to breaking out my grill!

By that, I mean I’m really looking forward to someone else in my house breaking out the grill, because I have no idea how to actually put it together. I also can’t cook actual meals on it. What I can do, however, is make rockin’ desserts! This summer, I’m dying to try some desserts on the grill like the ones I rounded up in my Foodie collection.

Desserts on the Grill

Amazing Desserts on the Grill

I searched all over the place to find the best, most scrumptious desserts on the grill. The recipes come from a variety of sources, from hugely popular recipe sites to some of my favorite bloggers. Every dessert has one thing in common: they all look positively amazing! I can’t even begin to choose my favorite. I tried to include a mix of skill levels, from easy grilled bananas to more complicated recipes with fancy Mascarpone cheese. Check out the widget at the top of my post and visit the sites for all these great recipes.

I’m really trying to become a better cook. It’s a process! You want to know the sad part? The sole reason that I want to cook better is so I can use my fancy Canon Rebel to take pretty pictures of food, so that people on Pinterest will want to come visit my site. Isn’t that pathetic? Most people want to cook better so they can, you know, feed their families. My son is such a picky eater, he’d never touch any of the stuff I try to make anyway. I even bought all these cute plates and place-mats for when I finally manage to cook something decent.

Anyway, as usual, I digress. These desserts on the grill will definitely make my summer gatherings a lot more delicious! They’re perfect for everything from a Mother’s Day BBQ to a graduation party.

Which of the desserts on the grill would you love to try first?