I received complimentary Gary Fong Puffer products to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Gary Fong Puffer Plus

I’ve had my new Canon Rebel camera for about two months now and honestly, I’m still pretty much shooting in auto mode. I have gotten adventurous a few times and tried messing with aperture and shutter speed, but for the most part, I really need more time to learn. One thing that I really wanted to improve was my flash photography. I know, you’re supposed to take pictures in natural lighting whenever possible.

Well, guess what? Sometimes I don’t get to work on pictures until night time. Sometimes I make something for dinner and want to actually eat it at dinner time! Sometimes I play with my child after the sun goes down. Sometimes family visits and we go to the pool at their hotel, like we did here:

Puffer Plus by Gary Fong

Taking pictures only during the daylight really isn’t practical. It eliminates a good 10 hours of potential memory making time! Well, maybe not 10 hours, because we all have to sleep eventually, but you get my point.

When I got my camera, I went on a mission to find something that would help me take better pictures with the flash. I’ve used Gary Fong products for my little point and shoot camera before, so I knew it was a name I could trust. I reached out to ask about reviewing the Puffer Plus, so here we are! While I was waiting, I wandered into a local camera shop to ask the photographer what he thought was the best flash diffuser.  He said “Gary Fong’s Puffer Plus, but we’re sold out.” Apparently it is just THAT good.

Trying out the Gary Fong Puffer Plus

The Gary Fong Puffer Plus is designed for different types of cameras. I, obviously, got the one for the Canon. The arm slips right on to your flash’s hot shoe area, the the shield comes down over the onboard flash. That’s pretty much it. Super easy to put on your camera, and from there, you just take pictures! The Puffer Plus helps diffuse the light so it’s not so concentrated on your subject. Check out the video, I love how Gary Fong explains it in terms a newbie like me can understand.

Check out these pictures of my aunt’s little dog, Otto (I have so many pictures of my dogs on the site, I thought maybe you’d like a change of pace. Plus he’s so darn cute!)

Puffer Plus Otto

I love this one because it looks like he’s laughing, even though he was getting a little bored of me taking pictures of him and was yawning. He was a good sport about it though! My dogs choose not to sit still anymore. Like my son, they’re just getting tired of me constantly taking their picture!

Gary Fong Puffer Plus in Action

Both of these were taken at night with my flash on. I don’t claim to be an expert in photography, but I think they came out pretty fantastic! I really love that the Puffer Plus can be taken apart so it’s easy to fit in your camera bag too. You can also get the Warming Shield for those times when you’re using your flash in daylight to add dimension to the picture. I don’t really understand how all that works yet, I’m not quite that advanced. That’s why I highly recommend watching Gary Fong’s video above, he tells you exactly what it’s used for.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a great, easy-to-use tool to help diffuse your flash so you can actually take great pictures at night, you’ll love Gary Fong’s Puffer Plus. At just $24.95, it’s an economical buy that will really help your flash photography.