2023 Update: I’m going through old review posts and deleting totally outdated products, but I just can’t delete this one. I’ve long since lost all of the cats and dogs featured throughout this review, but those Catty Stacks were awesome. Too bad they’re another company that no longer exists. 🙁

Catty stacks 4

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of owning a cat (or, more accurately, being owned by a cat) knows how much cats love boxes. We parents also know how much kids love boxes! If you have cats and kids, you know that often the two don’t really mesh. In fact, my son just turned nine and the cats are FINALLY accepting his presence. Well, one of them, anyway. Willow recently decided that Jacob is her favorite human. I didn’t realize just how much she loved him until I saw this:

Jacob using the cat as a pillow

Catty Stacks: Bonding with Cats and Kids

Catty Stacks 2

Catty Stacks is a fun new product that lets your kids bond with the cats…safely (for both the cats and the kids!). They take the concept of “Cats Love Boxes” to a fun new level. Each box is made of super strong industrial cardboard. It has holes on all sides of the cube, plus clips so you can connect them together. So how do these help kids bond with the family cat? Well, the cardboard is perfect for coloring, drawing and decorating! Let kids customize your kitty’s playground, and your child will feel closer to the cat.

Just how Strong are Catty Stacks?

Let me tell you a little story about just how strong these Catty Stacks really are. Notice the holes in the sides? Well, you have two size choices for each style. We call them “normal cat” and “fat cat” holes. Basically, each hole is one size, then it has a corrugated ring around it that you can punch out to make the hole bigger. You know, for your fat cat. We had a couple “fat cat”holes, but left the top ones standard to provide more room for sitting.

Our cat Prue likes to eat her dinner in the Catty Stacks house we built for the office area. Being the accommodating pet people that we are, we deliver her meal each night to the Catty Stacks house. One night, my mom and I were watching TV and heard a clamor in the office. We sprang from the couch to see what was the matter. (I’m feeling very ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas here!). This is what we found:

Catty Stacks Cooper

Pardon the messy office, but there was Cooper, with the entire Catty Stacks house knocked over and, if you look closely, the “fat cat ring” around his neck! He stuck his head in, then got stuck! When he pulled out, he created a fat cat hole and left the evidence. He tried to play all innocent, but there was no getting out of it. Still, the Catty Stacks were easy to pick up and aside from losing a ring, my 100+ pound dog didn’t do any other damage. Pretty awesome, right?

Assembly is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It was tricky for the first box, but after that, it went much faster. I couldn’t possibly explain it, so check out this great video to show you how it’s done:

Catty Stacks are fun to mix, match and stack in new arrangements. Check them out online! Follow on Facebook to keep up with exciting Catty Stacks news.

Do you have cats that would love Catty Stacks?