Get Him To Give You The Gift You're Wanting

Holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day may seem like a distant cry. Yet with my anniversary seemingly right around the corner, it’s important for me to start dropping hints to my husband immediately. The traditional gift for a ten year anniversary is tin, but I’ll gladly stick with the modern alternative of diamond jewelry.

Since my husband has never been great at picking out the best jewelry, I’m going to need to point him in the right direction. I’m not the type to be forthright about what I want, so I’ve come up with some creative ways to drop the hints over the years.

Hiding Ads In Plain Sight

This has probably been the simplest and most straight forward approach I’ve tried. Locate some printed ads for the jewelry that interests you. Circle the items, dog-ear the pages, and even use post-it flags if you like so that they’re clearly marked as the ones you like. Set everything up at the dining room table or at the couch.

If you want to be a little more discrete, you can use your bedroom or an office as long as it’s somewhere your husband will go within the house. When he gets home and engages you, subtly cover it up and walk away. Curiosity will take over and he’ll want to know what you’re “hiding.”

Take A Walk On Main Street

It doesn’t have to be Main Street per say, but you’ll need to get your husband looking at the item you’re after. Take him to an area that carries the gift and start casually looking around. Flip through leaflets and handle other items, but spend some time on the item you’re after. Ask if you can try it on with the comment, “I just want to see how it looks.”

This is a tactic many sales people use and makes someone feel like they already own it. Turn to him so he can clearly see it and so he can see your reaction. Then simply smile and take it off. As you leave the shop, comment on how pretty it is.

Leave Your Browser Open

This is like window shopping for the electronic age. Leave a few tabs open in your browser that carry the pieces you’re interested in. Last Christmas I had about six browser tabs open for and then I just started making dinner as if I had forgotten to close them. He didn’t miss a beat and ordered my necklace directly from the site, so it was exactly what I wanted.

Have Him Check Your Mail

If he misses my other clues I usually order several mailers. If your husband is anything like mine, he comes home, takes off his jacket, and checks the mail. Order catalogs and even ask your local jewelers to send you flyers and postcards. Most husbands have no clue when or why mail shows up at your doorstep but it can get him thinking in the right direction.

The idea is to be subtle but not too vague. You want him to know what you’re thinking but you want him to think it was his idea. He’s the man you love and no matter what the gift you’re sure to love it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t point him in the right direction. Don’t forget to find out what he’s wanting, too!