You know how much I love Redbubble, right? Well I am loving them even more, since they gave me some great items to show how easy they make it to have the coolest dorm room around! Consider that your disclosure, I received complimentary items in exchange for an honest review.

Take RedBubble to College for the Coolest Dorm Room Around

Whether you’re heading off to college for the first time or returning for your final year, your dorm room is going to be “home” for months at a time. It’s your place to crash after a long day of studying (I’m assuming you’re more well-behaved than I was at college here, go with it), your oasis in the crazy rush of midterms and finals. It’s a living room/bedroom/dining room/kitchen. It’s basically an entire “house” shoved into a little square box. When it comes to decorating, you pretty much need things that either serve two purposes or don’t take up much space. Take a look at how Redbubble can help!

Dorm Room Decor with Redbubble

Redbubble has everything from iPhone cases to throw pillows to their brand new line of Duvet covers. It’s my go-to source when I need some cool decor for my own home. Check out a few of my favorites!

Phone Cases

Take RedBubble to College for the Coolest Dorm Room Around |Redbubble Alice iPhone Case

Let’s start with your phone, shall we? Why? For two reasons: first, you take it everywhere with you, making it the most practical item in your arsenal. Second, it’s incredibly easy to customize! Redbubble has like a zillion beautiful, quirky and fun iPhone, iPad and Android Galaxy cases. My favorite: the Alice in Wonderland Curiouser and Curiouser case pictured above. Check out a few others that I love!

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Art Prints


Take RedBubble to College for the Coolest Dorm Room Around

Looking for something to fill the space on those blank, beige walls? Redbubble has so many beautiful art prints in different sizes, like that pretty East Coast Village of Staithes print by Graham Clark. I love the peaceful scene, perfect for helping you relax after a long day! You can just get lost touring the village in your mind! Not your style? Don’t worry, you’ll find something you love if you browse for a few minutes! How about one of these?

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Throw Pillows

Take RedBubble to College for the Coolest Dorm Room Around |RedBubble Pillow

I actually did a whole post on throw pillows with personality, which included the Graphic 104 pillow above. I was so pleased to see that the detail is just as vibrant in person as it was on the website. Plus, it’s pretty darn comfy too! Throw pillows are the perfect way to add personality to your room plus give you a little more support when you’re laying in bed studying. I love that it feels like it’s made from strong materials that will hold up over time. Look at all that detail:

Take RedBubble to College for the Coolest Dorm Room Around

Stunning Duvet Covers

Take RedBubble to College for the Coolest Dorm Room Around

Want to instantly transform your dorm room AND stay cozy all winter long? Get yourself a duvet, then grab one of Redbubble’s brand new duvet covers! They just arrived and already there are dozens to choose from! Mine is the Celestial Bodies in the queen size. Right now, I’m actually using the cover as a light-weigh blanket without a duvet. It’s perfect for those chilly late-summer evenings. When the temperatures drop, I’ll add a cozy duvet to keep warm! Let me tell you, talk about dramatic change! Once I put it on my bed, my entire room looked totally different. More cheery and a better expression of my personality.

I do have some tips for putting it on. First, make sure you’re actually using a duvet and not just a comforter. I tried stuffing a plain comforter into it and it didn’t work out. I just wanted to see if I could. Duvets are thicker, typically filled with either down or some type of synthetic stuffing. Second, don’t be afraid to climb inside to make sure you fill the corners! The zipper opens enough for you to do this! Take a look at some other duvet covers from Redbubble that I have my eye on:

Take RedBubble to College for the Coolest Dorm Room Around

Ready to start shopping? Check out Redbubble for all your awesome dorm room needs! Which dorm room decor item do you love best?