Minecraft for Dummies Review

Like most kids his age, Jacob is a massive Minecraft fan. A couple of weeks ago, Wiley, the publishing company behind the fabulous”For Dummies” series, asked if I wanted to check out some of their newest Minecraft books. Uh, yeah! For sure! Actually, Jacob is checking them out. I’m a total Minecraft failure (although the books will help me learn a bit!). I accidentally dug my way to the center of the earth and got stuck. Jacob, along with his friends, builds beautiful hotels like this:

Minecraft Hotel Jacob

I would LOVE to stay in that hotel! He thought of all the best amenities, including a hot tub:

Minecraft Hot Tub

Did I mention he’s 9? Jacob spends hours reading Minecraft books, watching videos and planning out how he wants things to look. He’s meticulous about his designs. He even considers décor, as noted by the lovely flowers on the table in the hotel room. Seriously, where can I find a hotel this amazing?

Minecraft hotel room

Build a Better World with Minecraft for Dummies

Jake received several Minecraft for Dummies books over the last couple of weeks, including his favorites: Minecraft Construction for Dummies and Minecraft Recipes for Dummies (both are Portable Editions). I thought he knew pretty much everything about the game. Turns out there’s always something new to learn. The books are quite handy and, as the “portable” name implies, small enough to keep in a pile next to whatever system he’s playing on. Jake has Minecraft for XBOX 360, the PC and the tablet.

Minecraft Recipes for Dummies, Portable Edition is my favorite. I like reading about all the different combinations you need to make armor, food and other items. Jacob is always talking about diamond this and that. Armor, swords, etc. I actually made him a DIY diamond Minecraft  foam sword once. It wasn’t perfect, but I thought it came out pretty cool. Take a look at the other newly released and upcoming Minecraft for Dummies books:

Minecraft For Dummies, Portable EditionA must-read for beginners or parents who want to better relate to their Minecraft-obessesed kids,  this one explains the basics of gameplay. Learn how to use the blocks to build the world of your dreams. Understand the difference between Creative and Survival Mode. Finally figure out why your child can fly in one mode but not the other. This one will even help you figure out how to download the game on the platform of your choice.

Minecraft Redstone For Dummies, Portable EditionRedstone is one of the key elements in Minecraft. It’s useful in everything from crafting your house to brewing up a little something special. It can be hard to come by at times. With this book, you’ll not only learn how best to use it, but also how to find it when supplies seem low.

Minecraft Construction For Dummies, Portable EditionMinecraft is equal parts a construction game and a survival game. For some kids, it’s ALL about the construction. Even if your child is more into the survival aspect, he’s not going to survive the night (or the Creepers) without some sort of decent shelter. Minecraft Construction for Dummies, Portable Edition, teaches you the basics of building in Minecraft. Then it steps up your game by teaching you how to build amazing structures as well.

Adventures in Minecraft– We’re anxiously awaiting the release of this one, as Jacob is absolutely dying to learn Python coding. It comes out in December and features 9 step-by-step projects that teach kids new programming skills using Minecraft as the platform. How cool is that? Jake can’t wait to try it out. We’ll give you a very detailed review when we get it.

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Minecraft for Dummies