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5 Toys Your Mom Wishes They Had When You Were a Tot!

Toys are so much cooler now than they were when I was little! I know my son will probably be saying the same thing when he has kids, but seriously, it’s true! The story goes that I was a bit of a tiny terror as a child. I think I was a perfect angel and the tales are exaggerated, but I suppose my memory could be a bit flawed. I bet any of these five toys would have entertained me for hours, making my mom’s (and all my babysitters’) lives so much easier! Thankfully, these toys DO exist today, so you can get them for your own angelic tiny tot!

5 Toys Your Mom Wishes You Had When You Were Little



Star Projector - Pink Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Goodnight Stars Projector: I’m pretty sure my mom would have LOVED the Goodnight Stars projector, considering I was a pain to get to sleep. I had a music box that needed to be wound like every 8 minutes or so. With the Goodnight Stars projector, she could have turned it on and let me listen to the soothing melodies of Bach or the relaxing sounds of New Age music. When we visited family and friends in the city, she could have turned on the soft nature sounds to make the environment more familiar! Turning on the optional night-light would have scared away the Boogie Man, while the detachable plush doll could have been my snuggle buddy!

00060084000070 - Smart Driver - Child 1

Bilingual Smart Driver: Maybe if I spent more time pretending to DRIVE a car, I would have spent less time SCREAMING in one! I was a nightmare during travel time. The Bilingual Smart Driver would have let me pretend to drive to the store, school, the park, the mechanic and more. Plus I would have started picking up a second language at a young age, since it speaks in both Spanish and English! I know I would have gotten a kick out of all the cool realistic sounds!


Fit & Fun Fishing Island: My mom loved fishing, but I usually spent the entire time chasing after ducks. I wanted them to be my friends! Perhaps if I had the Fit & Fun Fishing Island, I would have fell in love with the idea of real fishing. If not, well, at least I would have mastered some basic balance skills along with my shape and color recognition. Alas, I never did master those balance skills!


Happy Hippy Walker: While my mom was still young during the Hippy movement, she did catch the tail end of it. I think I would have adored the fun & funky colors on this super cute Happy Hippy Walker. Plus, again, I would have learned the fine art of balancing! Maybe I wouldn’t trip over my own feet now! The 4 wheels on the walker would have helped me with stability, while I would have enjoyed all the fun manual activities, like turning the nose and moving the flowers. Of course, as darn cute as I was, I definitely would have loved seeing myself in the mirror!

Baby Camera

Baby Camera: My grandfather would have loved it if my mom gave me this as a baby! He was a photographer, so he’d want to encourage that early on. He would have loved that it stimulates the imagination, while my favorite part would have been the eight fun songs, the sound effects and the flashing light effects. I also would have loved seeing the beads move in a twirling whirlwind of color!

5 Toys Your Mom Wishes They Had When You Were a Tot!

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What other toys do you see for babies now that you wish you could have played with when you were a tiny tot?