Today I’m going to share some of my favorite college dorm room beauty staples. Heading off to college is an exciting time. It’s all a bit nerve-wracking. I remember when I did it. I was so nervous, especially about sharing a bathroom with like a million other people! Okay, a million is exaggerating. Still, it feels that way!

Look great day or night at college with these dorm living must-have beauty staples! Pare down your huge makeup collection to just a few essentials that work for every occasion.

Then there’s your dorm room. You know those tiny houses that are all the rage right now? Prepare to live in one for the next four years! If you’re used to having a cabinet full of beauty supplies and sprawling out across the entire bathroom to get ready for the day, you’re going to experience a bit of culture shock! Packing a trunk full of beauty supplies and makeup really isn’t practical, so I pared down the list to a few of my favorite college dorm room beauty staples that will get you through anything. Check them out!

College Dorm Room Beauty Staples

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First, you need something to put everything in. You can use anything, really, even a cardboard box. I prefer cute hanging organizers. This one is pretty inexpensive at $15.85 and comes in a ton of colors and has a lot of good reviews. My all-time favorite, though, is my EMME bag. It’s a little more expensive, but it holds up crazy good and closes even when stuffed full. Get it on Amazon.

Now, let’s fill that bag! If you’re smart about your choices, you can whittle down your makeup essentials to a few basic pieces and still look amazing both day and night. My picks:

  • Cargo The Essentials Eye Shadow Collection (online only at Ulta): Comes with 12 “better than neutral” shades that complement just about any eye color and outfit. Includes a black eyeliner and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush. It covers all your nudes, peaches, browns and blacks in one compact little package.
  • BareMinerals Bare Beauty Kit: One little kit to cover flaws and create a smooth, flawless base for the rest of your makeup. You only need one or two drops of foundation to start with. If you have problem areas, you can go a little heavier. Otherwise, this little kit should last you a semester and it doesn’t take up much space!
  • Femme Couture Color Made Easy Shadow Effects Blush– Skip the five different shades of blush in separate compacts and get them in one! With this blush (or something similar), you can mix the different colors together to create just the right shade for day or night.

  • Lipstick Queen Hall of Fame– Of all the Lipstick Queen sets on Ulta, this is my favorite because it comes with colors that work great for both day and night and flatter all skin tones. Lipstick is a totally personal thing, though, so my recommendation: choose a kit that speaks to you, but don’t overwhelm your bag with 50 shades of red! I have an entire drawer of lipstick and I wear the same three over and over.
  • ONE Tube of Mascara: Pick something that does what you really need the most. If you have thin lashes, go for a plumping mascara. Want longer lashes? Pick something that does that. You don’t need 20 tubes of mascara. Resist the urge. Basic black or brown is fine.  I reviewed and LOVED Lash Factory, which works with your favorite mascara to take it over the top for a bombshell effect. Check that out and consider throwing it into your bag for all those frat parties…uh,  that you won’t be attending because you’ll be busy studying.

Now that you’ve put it all on, you’ll need to take it off! For the shower, grab yourself:

  • Makeup Wipes: A MUST-HAVE for anyone. I like NatraCare Makeup WipesMust-Have Beauty Staples for Your College Dorm Life because they’re gentle and totally organic. They do a great job of removing everything from stubborn mascara to dirt that clogs your pores. Plus they’re animal-friendly. They smell great too, with a clean citrus scent. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s organic. You want to remove gunk from your face, not add more to it.
  • Philosophy I Think You Are Wonderful Set: Give yourself a reminder that you rock every time you get into the shower with Philosophy’s 3-i-1 Shampoo/Shower Gel/Bubble Bath and Body Lotion set. Now all you need is a good conditioner and your showers are complete!
  • Dry Shampoo: There are a million different dry shampoos out there now. Batiste is still rated the best and it’s just around $4 a bottle.  This is a must for those hectic mid-terms weeks when you can’t wash your hair as often as you’d like.

All of this should fit into your makeup bag with very little overflow, making it easy to take down the hall to the bathroom or sit in front of your own mirror in your dorm room.

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Did I miss anything that is on your college beauty staples list? Tell me in the comments!