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Stop Counting Sheep Serta Perfect Sleeper Remember last month I told you how difficult it is for me to get a good night’s sleep? If you need a refresher, check out this post. Seriously, check it out, there’s a video with a rare glimpse into my bedroom! In that post, I shared with you the 5 common sleep problems that can make it difficult for you to get the good night’s rest that you deserve. These included:

  • Tossing/Turning
  • Lack of Support
  • Back Pain
  • Sleeping Hot
  • Partner Movement and Sagging/Rolling Off

If you recall, I dealt with pretty much all of those, even the last one when my son crawls into bed with me after a nightmare. For me, though, the worst two were lack of support and back pain. My old mattress wasn’t a bad mattress, it just wasn’t the right mattress for a side-sleeper. Along with my chronic back pain, I’d also wake up with horrible hip pain. I think it was because the mattress was too firm. It didn’t conform to the contours of my body, so it was hitting all the wrong pressure points.

Part of this was my problem. I always confused “firmness” with “support.” I thought that in order for a mattress to be supportive, it had to be hard. Then I tried out different Serta® Perfect Sleeper mattresses while I was shopping for the one I would bring home. If you recall, they are the only  Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation that are designed to help solve those five common sleep problems.

I went to several stores in my area to make sure I could try out pretty much every mattress in the line. Do you know what I discovered? The Serta® Fitzpatrick Super Pillowtop Plush Gel Perfect Sleeper® mattress was actually the most supportive in all the right places for me!

The moment I laid down on it, I never wanted to get up! Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses are so comfy, you’ll never have to count sheep again. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive! I also got the Pivot™ base to go along with it, which allows me to adjust the head of the mattress. Serta also has a Motions Essentials model base that lets you adjust both the head and the foot, but I went with just the Pivot. Both bases are compatible with the Perfect Sleeper mattresses.

Saying "goodbye" to my old mattress!

Saying “goodbye” to my old mattress!

The day my new Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress and Pivot arrived was very exciting. Even my son looked forward to it. I was happy to say goodbye to my old mattress and watch as the delivery men set up the new one. My new bed is high off the ground! We joke that I need a step stool because I’m short. My feet don’t touch the ground when I sit in it. LOVE IT! I’ve always wanted a high bed. If you want something lower, though, you could adjust your frame. Serta Perfect Sleeper My new Serta Perfect Sleeper Fitzpatrick Super Pillowtop Plush Gel has some awesome features that I want to tell you about:

  • Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam: it’s the first memory foam that’s infused with both the support and the cooling action of  Serta’s MicroSupport® gel. This really helps provide relief to the pressure points on your body (like my hips).
  • Cool Twist™ Gel Memory Foam: keeps you from getting overheated as you sleep by moving the heat away from your body. A major plus in the summer. I have a weird sleep issue. I can’t sleep in anything but long pajama pants, a long-sleeve shirt and knee socks. So embarrassing to tell you that! I don’t know why, I’ve been that way since I was a child. So I sleep with a fan blowing right on me all night and obviously get hot very easily in the summer.
  •  Custom Support® Individual Advantage™- the innerspring system has all these individual coils that react on their own to better conform to your body. Along with TrueSense™ Design 4.0, which lets each coil move in four directions, this makes for a great night of sleep!

Serta Perfect Sleeper 2 After just a couple of nights on my new mattress, I look forward to going to bed. Like really look forward to it. I find that I fall asleep significantly faster. I used to lay in bed for at least 30 minutes, trying to think of “happy” thoughts to occupy my mind while I found a comfortable position. Now, I am comfortable as soon as I get in the bed and asleep within 10 minutes.

With the Pivot, I can adjust the head slightly so I only need one pillow (I’ll never be able to give up my pillow). Since I don’t have two pillows sliding against each other all night, it reduces some of the strain on my neck. I used to wake up and find my head at the oddest angles. So far, I really love my new mattress and can’t imagine sleeping without it. I’ll tell you more after I’ve tried it a bit longer.

If you’re ready to kiss the sheep goodbye, I highly recommend checking out the different Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses. With prices starting at $399 and ranging up to $1,299, they have something for everyone. They even have a new  Perfect Sleeper Memory Foam line that lets you get a memory foam bed at a more affordable price. I do recommend getting out there and laying on the beds, trying them out. I really thought I needed a firm until I tried a plush, so trying them out makes a huge difference. You can shop online if you want, but try them in the real world first.

Tell me in the comments, which of the five common sleep problems do you deal with? 

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