Did you know that there is a whole new world of freaking awesome baby gear things out there that weren’t even an idea when we were little? Things they didn’t even have when Jake was little 10 years ago? As my poor best friend is howling in her bed begging her still-unnamed daughter to just get out already, I’ve been window shopping across the entire internet looking for new and exciting gifts for “baby girl.”

Baby Gear You Need

I think I mentioned before that my friend is pregnant with a surprise baby. Her current youngest is turning 17 soon after SurpriseBaby is born.  It’s been a decade since I’ve had a little one and almost two since she’s had a baby. As you can imagine, a lot has changed in those years. Technology advances, psychology makes new discoveries about the minds of infants and baby gear companies respond with brilliant new products that we absolutely MUST HAVE now. Check out a few of my favorites!

Amazing Baby Gear You Want to Add to Your Registry

I received the first two items mentioned below for review. The others are affiliate links. All are my own opinion of insanely awesome.

Levana Sophia Baby Monitor

 Baby monitors have come such a long way since the one-way radio-types that I used when Jake was little. Even though they had video monitors ten years ago, they were way too expensive for me. At $89.99, the Levana Sophia Baby Monitor isn’t just a great price, it’s full of super cool features. It has two-way communication, so you can talk to your baby to soothe her. This is also great if you’re in the room rocking your baby and need your partner or other children to bring you something! Levana Sophia Baby Monitor 2


The Sophia also has temperature monitoring, so you know your baby is always comfortable. Unlike you, it can see pretty well in the dark with its night vision. Speaking of dark, the Levana Sophia has invisible LED lights, so it won’t brighten up the whole nursery with those little blue lights that drive me batty.

One of my favorite features, though (and one that my friend will LOVE) is the fact that it has ClearVu® technology that not only makes sure you can monitor your baby from up to 500 feet away, but also makes sure that no one else can listen in on your channel. This is super fantastic in terms of privacy, and a major step up from the old monitors that let the neighbors “tune in” on everything you were saying.

Levana Sophia Baby Monitor


My other favorite things about the Sophia? It’s super stylish with it’s mod chic look. It doesn’t have that “nursery” style at all.  Learn more at Levana.com or buy on Amazon. Follow Levana on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news!


Exergen Temporal Thermometer

 Up until about last year, I always had the hardest time taking Jake’s temperature. He was convinced it would hurt, so he’d squirm and freak out. Sometimes, he’d flat out refuse to let me do it. I remember the first time I saw the temporal thermometers in stores. I was skeptical if they’d really work. Then I saw a nurse using them in the doctor’s office and asked it they were effective. She said yes, they were, so I was sold!

Exergen 1

I love the Exergen Temporal Thermometer because it’s easy to use. It did take me a few minutes to figure it out the first time and you really do need to read the directions. Once you’ve mastered it, though, it takes the struggle out of taking your child’s temperature. With babies, it’s an absolute must-have item.

Exergen 5

You just run it across your baby’s forehead and get a reading. You can even do it when they’re sleeping! Plus you can see the last 8 temperature readings, so you’ll be able to monitor your baby’s temperature over the course of a day without needing a little notebook.

I really trust Exergen because they also make medical-grade equipment for doctor’s offices and hospitals. Check out the Exergen website to find out how you can get a $5 rebate on your purchase. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news, get valuable info and for announcements about contests.

Robeez Baby Shoes

Robeez wasn’t around when I was little. When Jake was a baby, they were mostly sold in specialty stores, so I didn’t know much about them. Then they took off like crazy and started appearing everywhere! Most of my friends used them for their toddlers, but they have a super sweet baby line too. I know my friend would absolutely adore these Brooklyn Mini Shoez with their hot pink color and fluffy black faux fur! She’d also go nuts for the Disney Baby line.


I like Robeez because they are designed to stay on your baby’s feet. Nothing worse than paying for cute shoes and losing them! They’re also designed for comfort and foot health when your tiny tot starts strolling. They protect and support without restricting your baby too much or hindering foot growth.


Pocketsnack Booster Seat from Chicco


I did a whole series of great finds from Chicco, including must-have baby gear for work-at-home-moms. One of my favorite items, though, that I’m totally in love with is the Pocketsnack Booster Seat. Jacob had a booster-type high chair that I absolutely loved. It made feeding time so much easier. This one, though, is even cooler because it folds down! So you can grab it and go! Take it to grandma’s, to the restaurant or any place else that has dining chairs. It adjusts up to three positions and holds up to 50 pounds! Get it in green, orange or a more neutral grey for just $29.99



The Mamaroo was one of the first pictures my friend sent me, saying “I NEED this!” It’s a bouncer, yes, but it’s like a space-age bouncer with a zillion neat options. Have you seen it yet? It’s Bluetooth enabled, so you can control the motion and the sound from your phone or tablet. The seat has adjustable reclining positions. It has unique motions, like “car ride” and “tree swing” that mimic your own natural movements when holding your baby. At over $200, it’s a little out of our price range right now, but if you can afford it, it is super cool!


Citrus Lane

Subscription boxes were totally not a thing when Jake was a baby. Now, of course, they’re all the rage and you can find tons of them for everything you’ve ever even though you might like.

Insanely Amazing Baby Gear You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Citrus Lane has boxes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The baby boxes come with all sorts of fun goodies, from toys to snacks.  It’s a great way to try out new baby products without a big commitment.