2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year, my dear PR friends! The holiday gift guide season is upon us! I am SUPER stoked this year because after nearly 5 years of blogging, I FINALLY found something that lets me create my gift guide exactly the way I’ve envisioned it all along.

I’m also excited because, for the first time ever, I have a second reviewer on board to help with all your amazing products! You’ve seen Emily’s work on great stuff for kids, cool kitchen gadgets and beauty supplies. I’m thrilled to have her and I know together we’ll make this the best holiday gift guide in the history of Pretty Opinionated.

Interested in being featured in the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide? Check out details below.

Get Your Product Featured in My Gift Guide

To be considered for inclusion, please contact nicole @ prettyopinionated.com (I’ve been blasted with spam lately, hence the non-clickable email address, sorry!).

What we accept

 A wide range of products for moms, dads, grandparents, kids and even pets. Before you hit that “pitch this chick” button (I totally need one of those!), though, ask yourself “would I give this as a gift to someone I really like? If I received this from my best friend, would we still be friends on December 26th?” If you cannot honestly answer yes, it’s not a gift guide item. While I’m super scared of super lice too, my kid does NOT want a lice prevention kit in his stocking, I promise you. He does, however, want anything that can be plugged into a wall, comes with a proprietary charger or costs half my life savings to purchase. I miss the baby years. 10 is expensive!

Are there fees?

If we’re reviewing the item, nope. BUT, the review item has to be a non-returnable, full-size, full-value product. I’ve never placed monetary value requirements on my reviews (my readers don’t all want items that cost $50+, after all), but do please consider the amount of time and energy we put into each post.

If we are NOT doing a review, it’s considered a sponsored post. Please contact me for our rates, as they vary depending on whether you just want a post in the gift guide category, inclusion on the gift guide page alone or both.

What do you get?

Gift Guide products get tagged into the gift guide category (to go live around October 25th), a permanent place in the “gift ideas” category, and inclusion on the holiday gift guide page. A limited number of products will be featured in one of these babies (still a work in progress, text will be centered nicer, and the screen shot isn’t as pretty as the real thing):

Gift Guide ScreenShot

Placement into the “super cool kid” box is reserved for paid placements first, then my favorite items in each category. I haven’t decided how many spots there are yet, as I’m still designing the page.

We’ll share our post and your product through our social media channels multiple times throughout the holiday season. You’ll also get my cheeriest smile (which you won’t be able to see, sadly) and potentially a partridge in a pear tree. If I can figure out where partridges live and how to ship a pear tree. No one is getting a partridge in a pear tree. I am attempting wit.

Please note that due to space and time issues, Pretty Opinionated reserves the right to do thematic roundup posts, sharing non-competing items in a single post. Example: Fall Survival Kit for Busy Moms. I’d love to put everyone in their own post, but there are only so many days in a week and only so many words I can type per minute. High-value items and sponsored posts are the exception, they will always get their own post.

I think that about covers it! Oh, deadline! The deadline for inclusion in the Pretty Opinionated 2015 Holiday Gift Guide is December 1st. If you pitch us after that, it will totally depend on space and how much time we have. 

There, now THAT covers it! If you’re interested in being featured, email nicole @ prettyopinionated.com. Pretty please put something like “Holiday Gift Guide Submission” or something in the subject so I know what it is right away. Like I said, total spam city lately. If those are the first words, I can sort by subject and find your amazing product easier.

We’re looking forward to working with you!