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6 Weeks Turned Coop Into An AvoDerm Customer for Life #AvoDermNatural

If you recall, Cooper has been trialing the AvoDerm® Revolving Menu for the last six weeks. Need a quick refresher? AvoDerm Revolving Menu is a terrific grain-free, limited ingredient food featuring meat protein as the first ingredient and California-grown avocados as a source of antioxidants and other nutrients. While Cooper’s trial has come to an end, our life as customers of AvoDerm Naturals is just beginning.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have three dogs, each with pretty different needs. Cooper’s always had some skin issues. During most of the year, the issues are confined to his lower back (basically, his butt!). That dog uses anything as a back scratcher! Come fall, though, Cooper suffers from seasonal allergies that basically makes half the fur on his back fall out. He’s just miserable and unhappy. I don’t blame the guy, I’d be miserable too if I was itchy all the time.

When his coat did start coming back in, he was still feeling dry yet oily. Paradox, I know, but it’s possible. Pet my dog and you’ll see that it is! It was like he had oily skin but dry fur. Or maybe vice-versa? Hard to explain.

Our Six-Week Journey to Getting Cooper Back to Beautiful

When Coop isn’t dealing with skin issues, he LOVES being a blogger’s dog. He’s my go-to guy for pictures. I’m not saying he always cooperates, but if I need a dog to look at the camera, he’s usually my pooch. When he’s not feeling his beautiful self though, it’s like he’s too embarrassed. He runs from the camera. Remember how sad he looked when we first started the AvoDerm trial?

6 Weeks Turned Coop Into An AvoDerm Customer for Life #AvoDermNatural

After about three weeks on the AvoDerm Revolving Menu, he was starting to look better, but still didn’t have that spark in his eyes. His fur definitely improved even in that short time though.

6 Weeks Turned Coop Into An AvoDerm Customer for Life #AvoDermNatural

Now, after the full six weeks, my bud is back to photobombing pictures again! I was so thrilled when he raced out the door after he saw me grab my camera, so excited to jump in a shot or two!  Oh, how he LOVES when he gets to interrupt photo shoots!  Between him and the kitten, well, it takes me a while to get work done, but it brings me so much joy to see him back to his usual talkative self. He demanded that I take his picture. I kid you not, he barked until I turned the camera on him!

6 Weeks Turned Coop Into An AvoDerm Customer for Life #AvoDermNatural

So I know this seems like an odd food review, but there’s a point to all this. I could simply tell you that my dog loved the flavor of AvoDerm Revolving Menu- both flavors actually. We had the Duck Recipe and the Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe, and alternated easily between the two. As the name “Revolving Menu” implies, you can switch flavors regularly without any issues.

I could also tell you that I loved it because AvoDerm is grain-free and contains limited ingredients, so I felt really comfortable giving it to Coop. Fewer ingredients means less exposure to things that could cause allergies.  Or that it’s made with dog-safe avocados from California, and that those avocados are packed full of nutrients that support your dog’s health.

These are all important things, and you can definitely learn more about them in my previous posts or on the AvoDerm Revolving Menu website. What I shared though, the little changes in Cooper’s behavior and and overall zest for life, these are the things that tell me I’m on the right track. They show me that my dog is happy, healthy and back to being my beautiful dog again. It’s not so much about the fur for me. He could be bald and I’d love him, as long as he was healthy. But a healthy coat and skin means a happier, more comfortable Cooper. That’s what I want to see! I’ll definitely continue using AvoDerm Revolving Diet for Cooper.

6 Weeks Turned Coop Into An AvoDerm Customer for Life #AvoDermNatural

Since AvoDerm Revolving Menu is still relatively new, you may not find it in all your local stores quite yet. Talk to your favorite pet store about special ordering it.  Use the Store Locator to find out if your store already carries it. Stores like also carry it for ordering online. Make sure you grab a $5 off coupon from theAvoDerm Revolving Menu website before you head out to buy it. Check out AvoDerm on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.

What little things or personality traits let you know that your dog is feeling his best? Tell me in the comments!