I’m always on the lookout for fun new ways to incorporate the holidays into pretty much EVERY corner of my life. I’m not even kidding, I’m a total Christmas nut! If I could turn my car into Santa’s sleigh…well, that would be going a tad overboard, but I’d probably still do it! Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s officially time to start decorating! I’ve been holding on to my Redbubble holiday surprises for a couple of weeks now, ever since I received them for this post. Time to break those babies out!

Bring a bit of the holidays into every corner of your life with original holiday decor ideas from Redbubble!

By now you know I’m absolutely obsessed with Redbubble. They’re the coolest place to find really unique holiday gifts. Did you know that they also have great holiday-themed goodies for decorating too? From Santa bags to beautiful winter throw pillows, you can change your entire home decor or just your favorite coffee mug. Check out a few of my holiday items from Redbubble.

Winter Wonderland Owl Throw Pillow

Redbubble Christmas Pillow

The Winter Wonderland Owl is my absolute favorite holiday decor item ever. I’m on an owl kick lately (me and the rest of the world, right?), and this little guy is just the cutest!

Redbubble Christmas 2

I have a couple throw pillows from RedbubbleThe quality is just outstanding. The material is super strong and durable, so you can hug it all you want! This cute guy comes on wall art, mugs, clothing and more, so check him out! 

Santa Claus and the Push Scooter Bag

Redbubble Christmas Santa Bag 1

This old-world Santa gets a fun upgrade from his traditional sleigh when he hops aboard a push scooter! I have the drawstring bag and just love it! Perfect for toting my iPad and other essentials around during the holiday season. Then, on Christmas Eve, I can use it for carrying small gifts to friends’ and family’s houses. Check it out here!

Redbubble Christmas Santa Bag 2

As with all Redbubble products, the design and quality is flawless. Check out the stitching and the strong drawstring rope in the pic above. This bag will last years. I have an Owl bag from my back to school post that I use every day, so I know how well they hold up!

Holiday Ornaments Mug

Redbubble Christmas Mug 2

Sip that peppermint mocha out of a festive new mug and you’ll feel the Christmas spirit warming you from the inside out. Okay, so that’s the coffee, but still! Everything tastes better in a holiday mug! I really love the simple beauty of this Holiday Ornaments mug. Let’s spin it around and see it from another angle, shall we:

Redbubble Christmas mug 1

This lovely design also comes on a travel mug, wall art, cards and other products. It also have different background colors depending on the product.

Festive FairIsle Travel Mug

Redbubble Christmas Travel Mug

Need to take that mint mocha to go? Pour it into the Festive FairIsle travel mug! It will stay hot long after that morning commute. This is one of my favorite designs. It looks like a comfy sweater, don’t you think? It comes on so many other products. You have to check out the leggings! I think it would also rock as a duvet cover.

I love that Redbubble has such original and fun ways to bring the holidays into my life in so many ways. I don’t have a lot of free surface areas for decorating this year, so little touches like a great holiday mug or a fun Santa bag help me get in the festive mood without needing to rearrange my entire house.


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Have you ever shopped Redbubble? Do you have a favorite artist on the site? Tell me in the comments!