When it comes to toddlers, they tend to touch, grab, and get into everything. They have so much energy, and little attention spans. Through trial and error, I’ve learned a couple of things that keep them happy and engaged. For instance, they tend to like anything they can carry around on their own and do themselves. Nothing complicated or they’ll move on quickly. Nothing loud and over stimulating or they may get scared. Simple, durable toys go a long way.

Foster a love of learning in your toddler  with Count & Chirp Birdies from Lakeshore!

Foster a Love of Learning with Count & Chirp Birdies

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The Count & Chirp Birdies are one of the newest toys developed by Lakeshore, and is recommended for babies and toddlers from 3 months to 3 years. Lakeshore began as a toy store opened by a single mother in the 1950’s. It has developed into a brand that sells educational toys and materials to spark young minds and foster a love of learning. Their products include everything from imaginative play toys and building sets to materials that enhance math and reading skills.

The Count and Chirp Birdies are a set of 5 soft plush birds. Each one has been created in a different color (red, yellow, blue, green, and orange) and has a number sewn onto its chest. When gently squeezed, the Count and Chirp Birdies will chirp out loud the number of times that correlates with its number.

Foster a love of learning in your toddler  with Count & Chirp Birdies from Lakeshore!

These little birdies are the perfect size for little hands. My 17 month old can easily grasp them and carry them around. He gives the birds a good squeeze to hear them chirp, totes them around the house with him, and occasionally even attempts a curious nibble. Not only are the birds bright and colorful, but they have also proved to be pretty durable when my son gets the urge to toss them across the room. On top of that, the birds easily wipe clean with a damp towel if they happen to get dirty. While the Count and Chirp Birdies appear to be a simple introduction to numbers and counting, I can help but think their bright design makes them ideal for recognizing colors as well.

Foster a love of learning in your toddler  with Count & Chirp Birdies from Lakeshore!

The Count and Chirp Birdies would make a great gift that would grow with a child. They retail for $29.99 at www.lakeshorelearning.com. Head over to the Lakeshore website to purchase this colorful set of birdies, or to learn more about the Lakeshore brand. Check out my review of Pet Vet Clinic for more great gift ideas from Lakeshore!