In case you haven’t heard the news, Norm of the North just released on Blu-Ray Combo Pack yesterday! I’ve been sharing some fun stuff about the lovable dancing polar bear with an identity crisis for a few months now, so I was really looking forward to seeing it with Jacob.

Norm of the North DVD


We didn’t have a chance to catch it in theaters. We rarely get to go to the movies these days between his activity schedule and my work load, so I make sure we have at least one mom-son movie night a week. This week, we snuggled up to watch Norm take on a corporate giant and save his home from developers.

Norm of the North Movie Review: Big Fun for Kids

Norm of the North is one of those movies that manages to take a major message and make it accessible to children. As parents, while watching the flick, you know what they’re trying to say. The Arctic is one of the last untouched areas of the world, but how long will that last? What would happen if a greedy tycoon decided to tap into that untapped wonder? Obviously, we wouldn’t get a dancing polar bear and his lovable lemming sidekicks hitting the streets of NYC to put a stop to it, but I imagine there would be some kind of push-back from the Arctic wildlife.

Life can be a real bear—just ask Norm, a polar bear with unusual talents and a heart as big as the great outdoors. When he hears that human homes are going to be built in his Arctic backyard, Norm comes to the rescue. With a team of ragtag lemmings at his side, Norm heads to the concrete jungle of New York City on a freewheeling, fun-filled mission to stop the madness and save the Arctic.

The movie also deals with issues like being true to yourself, celebrating what makes us each different and relying on your friends to keep you on the right track. I’ve read a lot of Norm of the North reviews and have come to one conclusion: grown ups shouldn’t review kids movies unless they have the capacity to think like a kid.

Norm takes messages that we want our kids to hear, puts them on the face of a goofball animal and drives them home by shrouding them in just the types of jokes are children find absolutely hilarious. Is it a brilliant work of art worthy of an Oscar? Probably not. It is, however,  a fun movie for kids, plain and simple. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be all about?

Jacob and I both had some laughs during the movie. I thought Norm was adorable and particularly loved his lemming pals. The bonus features are fun, too! Jacob is the master of the one-liner, so he enjoyed the  That’s Funny! The Movie’s Best Jokes & One-liners bonus feature. The Arctic Shake video is fun for younger kids. Encourage your children to get up and get moving with Norm!

Other bonus features include deleted scenes and a cool Arctic Challenge Trivia Game. Get it, cool? Because it’s Arctic? I’m super punny, right? Now you know where my kid gets it from.

Norm of the North Activities

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Keep the fun going after the movie ends with some fun Norm of the North activities! Head over and grab a free Build Your Own Norm papercraft printable. Then click on the image below to print out more fun free activities.
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Jake and I love playing Tic Tac Toe together, even though I never win. Grab Norm of the North on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Combo pack today at your favorite retailer, or on Amazon for $19.99!

Did you see Norm of the North yet? What were your thoughts on the movie?