Have you seen those cool t-shirt cat caves that have been blowing up the internet lately? I came across it on my Facebook feed a couple of months ago and just knew The Fuzz would love one. The concept is simple: you take a box and an old t-shirt and create a secret hiding place for your feline companion. Fun enough on it’s own, right? Well, Tipsy Elves found a way to make the concept not only even more fun, but also a way to help cats in need.

Make a Patriotic Cat Cave & Help Cats in Need

*I received a Tipsy Elves t-shirt to make my cat cave for this post. All opinions are my own.

Make a Patriotic Cat Cave for your kitty with Tipsy Elves and help cats in need! Alex the Fuzz loves his caves. Check him out!



Making the cat cave is pretty easy. You just need a t-shirt, a box and a cat! Stretch the shirt so the neck opening is over the opening of the box. Pull taut, then tie the excess at the back. Tuck the sleeves into themselves and voila, done! Tipsy Elves put together this video of how to make a patriotic cat cave for you, so check it out.

So how does a cat cave made from Tipsy Elves shirts help cats in need? Basically, it goes like this: buy a shirt from Tipsy Elves using the CATS at checkout and Tipsy Elves will donate 10% of your purchase to the San Diego Humane Society. Super simple, right? I think the better question is why? Why cats? Why patriotic shirts?

The answer is quite simple: America loves cats! At any given time, I bet you’ll find at least a dozen funny cat pictures on your Facebook feed, right? Half of them are probably The Fuzz, because he’s a bit obsessed with becoming the next internet superstar cat. I kid you not, he photobombs every picture I take. He thinks the camera is meant for him and him alone.

Make a Patriotic Cat Cave for your kitty with Tipsy Elves and help cats in need! Alex the Fuzz loves his caves. Check him out!

Cats make us happy. They make us laugh. It’s just how it is. You know what doesn’t make us happy? Politics. I can’t stand election season because everyone is so mean to each other. My feed is filled with horrible headlines and negativity towards one and other. It’s so depressing that during the 2012 election, I wrote a post about how to keep friends during an election year.

Make a Patriotic Cat Cave for your kitty with Tipsy Elves and help cats in need! Alex the Fuzz loves his caves. Check him out!

In an effort to brighten up the day and keep things “pawsitive,” Tipsy Elves came up with the idea of using their Patriotic Tops to create fun cat caves, so we can replace those negative mud-slinging posts with something a little more fun! Make your own patriotic cat cave and share it on social media, tagging #CatsForFreedom! It’s not just a great way to bring a little fun to election year, it’s also a clever way to raise awareness about cats in need.

Fuzz LOVES his patriotic cat cave. Check him out. My voice drives me nuts, but note what he does when I tell him that the internet doesn’t want to see his butt! I did not edit that, I swear.



Who is Tipsy Elves?

I’m a huge Shark Tank fan, so I’ve been following the Tipsy Elves story since they first got a deal with Robert. They started out as an ugly Christmas sweater company. Since airing on Shark Tank, they’ve evolved into a company that celebrates fun all year round. I reviewed their Party Like a Patriot shirt last year around the 4th of July, and it’s still one of my favorite summer shirts. It looks like they just rolled out a bunch of new designs for this summer, so check them out!

I highly recommend following Tipsy Elves on Instagram for loads of fun pics. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.

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