So, remember earlier in the week I told you all about how Netflix is rebooting Voltron? If not, go check that out! It’s filled with fun facts, cast trivia and more.  Today I’m sharing this pretty awesome Voltron cupcake tutorial to celebrate the release!
Make These Crazy-Cool Voltron Cupcakes with Your Kids!

Just click on the picture to download the PDF tutorial. Don’t these look fun? Make them with your kids this weekend, then settle in to watch the brand new Voltron on Netflix! Check out this sneak peek to get you even more excited!

Don’t forget, Voltron premieres on Netflix on June 10th (that’s today!) with a one-hour origin story. Netflix will follow that up with 10 22-minute episodes. That’s like 280 minutes of pure Voltron fun. I think. I actually did that math like 5 times in my head and came up with a different number every time. Hey, I told you I was really bad at math! It’s a whole lot of Voltron fun, let’s just say that!

Are you planning to watch Voltron on Netflix with your kids?