I know what you’re thinking, your kid just went off to college, why on earth would you need to be thinking about care packages already? Bear with me for a second, though.  Right about now, college students across the country are either just settling into their brand new dorm rooms or packing up their last-minute supplies to head back to campus. You think you’ve thought of everything for them. They’re stocked up on all the essentials, from notebooks and pencils to shower supplies. You even made sure they had plenty of fab decor to personalize their dorms and make it feel more like home.

A week goes by. Everything is going great! Well, unless you’re me. I called my mommy on the second night and begged her to come pick me up, but that’s a different story for a different day. Anyway, first week? Going pretty well. Second week? Chances are, your kid is starving. Her roommate ate all her good snacks, she hasn’t quite mastered the art of “stocking up” in the cafeteria and she spent all her laundry quarters on who knows what. Probably not laundry. It’s college, did you really think she was going to stay inside braiding her hair every night?


college care packagesEven if your college student was nothing like me and manages to allocate her supplies in a way that makes them last longer than a few days, by that second week, she’s starting to miss home like crazy. She may not admit it, but trust me, she’s thinking it. A care package is a great way to surprise her (or him, of course!) and let her know that you miss her too! Check out a few of my favorite college care package ideas! All of these are already put together for you by mouth.com (not a sponsored post, but I am an affiliate), but you can easily replicate the ideas yourself or mix and match the products to create the perfect care package for your student.

7 Stellar Care Packages for College Students

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Real Simple Breakfast Bonanza Care Package

breakfast care package


On days that I didn’t have to get up for class early, I never made it to breakfast in the cafeteria. If I didn’t have a decent stash of cereal and toaster pastries, I pretty much went without until lunch. I never could eat non-breakfast foods before at least noon! If your college student is a late riser, make sure she’s getting a decent meal no matter what time she wakes up with a breakfast care package. I love the Breakfast Bonanza Care Package from Mouth.com. It’s filled with Real Simple breakfast foods, like Popped Tarts from Megpies, gourmet chewy granola and raspberry lime ricky jam.

Real Simple Midnight Snacker

I know, when they lived with you, snack time ended well before bedtime. When your kids are away at college, though, midnight is often no where near bedtime, so it’s okay! If they’re going to snack in the middle of the night anyway, you might as well give them something good to munch on! The Midnight Snacker care package comes with yummy treats like Asiago Black Pepper Cheesy Puffs and Organic Gummy Worms. Every item is made with simple, delicious ingredients.

Real Simple Java Junkie Care Package


Java Junkie

Forget your college student, send this Java Junkie care package to ME now, please! Start the morning off right with a bold cup of Sumatra Permata Goya coffee from Brooklyn Roasting and a Coffee Cayenne Energy Bar. Add in tasty caffeinated snacks like a Mokacinno Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Espesso Cookies, and my personal favorite, Chocolated-Covered Espresso Beans. Pure coffee bliss.

Snack In the Box



Go big so they don’t want to go home with this massive curated Snack in the Box package! It’s a bit pricier than the other options on this list so far, but it includes a TON of gourmet goodies. From a DIY Cold Brew Kit (coffee, mom, it’s coffee, not the other kind of cold brew) to zesty lime popcorn to chocolately cookies, it has a little of everything. Plus it comes in a cute pop-up storage box!

Sick Day Care Package



When I was away at college, I got deathly ill the first month. I’m talking high fever, hallucinating monsters in my window ill. It didn’t help that my first roommate was a little off and actually thought there WERE monsters coming in our window (and left it open for them!), but hey, there’s a reason I moved out! Anyway, so sick. I would have loved a sick day care package like this one, filled with comforting teas, gourmet crackers, gingersnap cookies and soothing honey sticks.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Taster


PB&J is a staple of every college student, but there’s no reason it can’t be a little more upscale than the basic sandwich from their childhood! The Peanut Butter & Jelly Taster care package upgrades the staple with yummy flavors, like apricot-orange jam and peanut cashew nut butter. It also includes snacks like the raspberry pate de fruit heart and PB&J macaroons.

Snacks Every Month


Want to make sure your student never goes without? Send Snacks Every Month! The subscription service delivers 5 indie snacks (including a jar of pickles) to your college student each month for as long as you choose. Examples of boxes they sent out recently included: Black truffle popcorn, Korean BBQ beef jerky, maple bourbon bread & butter pickles, citrus honey roasted cashews, and a creamy peanut butter nougat chocolate bar.


When I was a college student, I would have been happy with any of these awesome care packages! Honestly, I still would! Seriously, send me that Java Junkie package. 😀 I NEED it. My son goes back to school in less than a week and I have to start waking up at 6am again. Oh, the humanity!

Did you receive any awesome care packages when you were in college? What do you send to your favorite student?