Still working on your back to school shopping? Trust me, you’re not alone! For those in the Lehigh Valley and Poconos area, though, I’m about to make it a lot easier! I partnered with the Lehigh Valley Mall to show you how everything you could possibly need for kids of all ages is right within easy driving distance!

I have a confession: my son just went back to school today and I still haven’t finished shopping for him. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he has all the necessities. He’s clothed and supplied. He’s just clothed and supplied with the bare minimum! I’m working on the rest, I swear! Summer went WAY too fast this year. I kept putting everything off, thinking I still had plenty of time. Now that time has run out, I’m scrambling. I need one-stop shopping!

Still haven't finished back to school shopping? Find every last thing you need in one spot at the Lehigh Valley Mall!

One-Stop Back to School Shopping at the Lehigh Valley Mall

The Lehigh Valley Mall has dozens of fabulous stores for the whole family, from clothing and shoe stores to specialty shops to giant anchor stores. It would take pages to show you all the awesome back to school finds they have, so I pared it down to just a few that illustrates their great variety. Let’s check it out!

Outfits and Shoes 

Children’s Place – Boy’s Outfit

Find the perfect outfit for boys at Children's Place in the Lehigh Valley Mall!


  • Boys Pull-On Cargo Pants: I literally buy these by the dozen every year! My son does not like anything that buttons up, yet he has a strict dress code and can’t wear gym pants every day. These are his favorite school pants to wear.
  • Boys Uniform Long Sleeve Jacket I bought one of these for my son last year and loved it. It’s just the right weight for fall.
  • Boys Uniform Short Sleeve Pique Polo in Red I get him these shirts in a bunch of colors. The material is soft and comfy.
  • Boys Star Wars ‘Power Up First Order’ Kylo Ren Wallet: Now that my son is in middle school, he’ll need to carry ID and a little cash with him for snacks. This is fun, small enough to fit in a hidden spot in his backpack and priced just right.


Disney Store – Girl’s Outfit

How cute is this outfit from the Disney store in the Lehigh Valley Mall!?

  • Dory Knit Dress – Girls at our district are allowed to get away without wearing collared shirts IF they’re wearing a dress. This is a super cute way for little girls to celebrate their love of Finding Dory!
  • Finding Dory Water Bottle– goes cute with the outfit and keeps kids hydrated during after school activities!

Boscovs Essentials for Boys & Girls

For Boys

Boscovs in the Lehigh Valley Mall has everything my son needs for back to school!

The t-shirt and shorts are perfect for gym day! In elementary school, Jake was allowed to wear “regular” clothes on gym days. Now that he has to change in the locker room, these are more like his after school clothes!


For Girls

Your little girl will be on point with this darling outfit from Boscovs in the Lehigh Valley Mall!


Vans on Their Feet

Put Vans on their feet with awesome styles in the Lehigh Valley Mall!

I’ve always been a Vans girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love other brands of shoes, but Vans will always be in my head and on my feet (my punk rock readers will totally get that reference  🙂 ). My son, thankfully, shares my love of their sneakers. Our school’s dress code, thankfully, doesn’t extend to the kids’ feet too much. They can’t wear open-toed shoes or anything wildly inappropriate. Beyond that, they’re free to express themselves with their shoes. Head to Vans in Lehigh Valley Mall and check out all the fabulous shoes for the whole family. My favorites, pictured above:


Must-Haves for the Whole Family


JCPenney Helps You Wake Up Right!

Wake up in style thanks to JCPenney in the Lehigh Valley Mall!


Keurig® K15 Single-Serve Coffee Maker: Up until this year, I’ve been relatively spoiled. School started at 9, so I didn’t have to get Jake on the bus until after 8. This year, it starts at 7:20. He has to be to the bus stop at 6:50! While there isn’t enough coffee in the world to make me chipper than early, at least with the right single-serve coffee maker, I’ll be able to peel my eyes open enough to get him to the bus stop! This one is for all the other moms out there like me who need a quick dose of caffeine to get us through the busy back to school mornings! I’m in love with the fun colors!

Organize Your Life with Papyrus

Organize your life with stylish planners for the whole family from Papyrus in the Lehigh Valley Mall!


A new school year means new activities, new friends, new routines. In my case, that means plenty of new things to forget! Middle school and high school kids are old enough to help keep track of their own schedules. I want Jake to have his own planner because it teaches him responsibility. Of course, I’ll also keep track of his life in mine! Check out three fabulous planners that you can grab at Papyrus in the Lehigh Valley Mall.