When my bank card starts to feel a bit too hot, it’s time for me to take a step back and find a few ways to save money. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different frugal ideas from couponing, to making my own cleaning products and eating at home more often. While all of those ideas work, there are a few tricks that I use that don’t require a ton of effort on my part plus many of them help me go green and save money. Check out my favorite money saving tips that put more cash in your bank account and less into things you didn’t want to spend money on anyways!

15 Super Easy Ways To Save Money With Little Effort

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15 Super Easy Ways To Save Money With Little Effort 15 Super Easy Ways To Save Money With Little Effort

  1. Stash Away Your Small Bills– Empty out your wallet on a specific day every week. Then stash all of your small bills (for me it’s ones and fives) in an envelope tucked away. Every now and then I’ll trade out a larger bill in my stash, but I find those small bills can add up faster than you think, even if you feel like you never carry cash.
  2. Unsubscribe (Or Filter) More Store E-mails– Over the holidays I end up signing up for extra retail e-mails for the coupons. When you are trying to save money is not the time to receive fifty e-mails a week that jeans are on sale. Hit unsubscribe and you’ll be less tempted to buy. You can also filter these messages into their own folder. That way if you do need the e-mailed coupon, you can find it without it being in your main inbox all of the time.
  3. Limit Monthly Subscriptions– Subscription services are everywhere these days! From beauty boxes, to refilling your household products, to entertainment services like through Amazon and Netflix. Take a look at how many of these services you buy each month and which ones you actually use. While I’m not canceling Netflix anytime soon, it may be time to cancel that magazine subscription since I’m three months behind!
  4. Buy Generic Where It Doesn’t Count– Many of the house brands are equal if not almost equal to the name brand. Here are a few examples of items I almost always buy generic: canned beans, cotton pads for cleaning my face, salsa, dryer sheets, and orange juice.
  5. Buy Birthday Cards and Gift Wrapping At the Dollar Store– Have you seen how much a birthday card costs lately? Check the dollar store first, they have so many cute cards, gift bags and inexpensive tissue paper that are perfect for ripping into excitedly!
  6. Reinvent Restaurant Leftovers– Get a doggy bag to go, those restaurant leftovers can totally have a second life. Mix in some freshly sautéed vegetables, wrap that leftover protein in a tortilla, or try adding the contents of your doggy bag over a salad. My personal favorite? I love taking leftover Chipotle and adding it to eggs for a killer omelet!
  7. Stop Buying Things Because They Are On Sale– I love a good deal. The problem is it’s not a good deal if you wouldn’t have bought the item in the first place. Stop and ask yourself if you would have considered buying the item if it was full price. If the answer is no, put it down and step away.
  8. Use The Library First– I easily slip into a bad habit of buying every book I want to read. Check the library first and get your name in line for the best reads. My library has electronic copies that I love, but sometimes I just want to turn the pages. We also borrow movies (and tons of kids books!) for my kiddo.
  9. Use Less Landry Detergent– Ever notice how the cup has different measurements? Most of the time I use the lowest possible measurement and my clothes come out fresh as a daisy. Most people fill the cup and use twice as much soap as they need.
  10. Check Your Tire Pressure– Now only will you get better gas mileage, you are less likely to have tire problems if you hit a pothole. Check your tire pressure regularly, especially during extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  11. Know Your Grocery Store Secrets– One of my grocery stores has a great clearance section for the natural and organic food sections, and another is always reducing meat for quick sale on Tuesdays which is perfect for my freezer stash. Learn the tricks of your local stores and you can save a bundle!
  12. Turn Down Your Heat Or Your Air Conditioner– Adjusting your thermostat by just a few degrees can make a major dent in your gas or electricity bills. Also, try closing the door to any rooms you don’t frequent to reduce costs.
  13. Hang Your Clothes To Dry– This one not only saves me a bundle in electricity costs, it also makes my clothes last longer. I have a big rack in my basement and I hang dry most of my clothes. It’s rare I have an item shrink, and the colors last much longer when you hang dry! Before I had my drying rack, I would hang them on the curtain rod over the bathtub.
  14. Meal Plan– My grocery and food bills is always one of my most variable bills, which makes it an easy place to tighten down. Plan your meals and write a list before you go to the grocery store can save you tons of cash on impulse items you may not use. Even just sitting down and planning a simple meal plan (tacos on Tuesday!) before heading to the store will put you in a better spot then throwing anything that looks good in your cart.
  15. Clean Your Space– When your home is disorganized it’s easy to buy doubles and triples of items you already have. Spend a little bit of time to organize your space, especially storage spaces you use regularly such as your pantry, cleaning supplies and medicine cabinets.

Do you have any other super easy ways to save money? I need all the help I can get too! Tell me your tricks in the comments!

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