I recently reviewed the Super Wings World Airport Playset and Transforming Characters by Auldey Toys and am back again with another cool product for older kids!


Sky Rover Voice Command Missile Launcher

We received this toy in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

The Sky Rover Voice Command Missile LauncherGift Idea for Kids: Sky Rover Voice Command Missile Launcher by Auldey Toys also by Auldey Toys is an indoor flying helicopter. What makes this helicopter unique and loads of fun is that it can be controlled with 12 voice commands. These commands can be used to do things like fire missiles, hover, or fly in a circular motion for an “enemy scan.” It comes with:

  • 8 missiles (They can be launched two at a time.)
  • Working lights
  • Gyro- balanced engine for smooth flying
  • 1 Headset
  • 1 Infrared hand controller
  • 1 USB charging cord


Once we got the Sky Rover charged and ready, it wasn’t too long before Finn (7) was able to get the hang of it. He seems to be able to control this helicopter fairly well with the hand controller. The voice commands take a little getting used to, and we noticed that the Sky Rover sometimes responds better to a loud, firm voice of an adult over Finn’s soft voice.


He loves spinning the Sky Rover Voice Command Missile Launcher around the house and shooting off the missiles. He noticed before I did that the flying time on this toy is a lot better than some other flying machines and drones he has used. The manual states 40 minutes of charge time and a fly time greater than or equal to 6 minutes. Finn has been able to use his Sky Rover on and off for days sometimes before the battery needs to be charged. Some others have only lasted for 5 minutes at best. He thinks that’s pretty awesome because having to charge after 5 minutes of play really ruins all the fun!


So far the body of this helicopter has held up well to the occasional bumps and hard landings that flying toys can endure. It’s nice to have the extra blades on hand should we need them, but we haven’t so far. The working lights are a nice touch (you know, for all of those night time missions) and all in all this has been one of the better flying toys we’ve used in terms of usability and cool functions.


The Sky Rover Voice Command Missile Launcher currently retails for $44.99 and is suggested for ages 8 and up. To learn more about this toy and others available through Auldey Toys, check out their website at http://www.auldeytoys.us or visit them on Facebook!