Every year around this time, heath and fitness ideas start trending like crazy all over the internet. It’s still early enough that most of us haven’t completely given up on our New Year’s resolutions yet. Plus we’re all recovering from the holiday binge fest, so it makes sense that we’re all looking for bigger and better ways to get healthy right now.

Want to get in shape and live a healthier life in 2017? Check out these health & fitness trends that actually make sense!

I have to be honest with you, most health trends either annoy me or downright scare the pants off of me. They’re either so far out there that they’re not actually healthy for any normal person, or they’re so strict with their rules that the average mom would drive herself insane trying to keep up with them. A few of them, though, are actually pretty doable. Check out the health trends that I may actually consider trying out this year.

2017 Fitness Trends That Are Actually Doable

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Wearable technology

2017 Health Trends That Actually Make Sense2017 Health Trends That Actually Make Sense
Wearable fitness tech2017 Health Trends That Actually Make Sense is far from new, but this year it’s poised to become an even bigger trend. With more companies getting on board, that means it’s also poised to become a realistically affordable trend. Fitness trackers have continued to go down in price, with some as low as $15. Of course, the more you spend, the more features you’re likely to get, but you can slap on a fairly inexpensive fitness bracelet without emptying out your bank account. For me, the reason I’d actually stick with this trend is the amusement factor. I like the idea of tracking stuff, making goals and seeing little digital numbers tell me how I’m doing. When you can see your progress in real time, you might be more likely to keep going.

No-equipment workouts

I LOVE the whole “no equipment needed” trend, even if the workouts themselves are way too hard for me. Called “body weight training,” I will probably need to start out really easy and work my way to, well, still really easy. I have neither the money nor the floor space required for fancy exercise equipment, so giving me techniques that require nothing more than my own body is a great way to help motivate me a bit more. Check out this video for beginners:



I used to do yoga a long time ago and it really helped me lose weight. I got out of it when my back problems started, but I think I am going to see if I can tailor a program that is good for people with chronic issues. The great thing about yoga is that you really don’t need anything fancy to do it. Sure, you can buy yourself a super cool yoga mat2017 Health Trends That Actually Make Sense, but it’s not a necessity. I bet you could even make your own mat if you wanted. Oh, look at that, you can! I just found this video that proves it!

Another great thing about yoga: you can find free videos on it pretty much everywhere. Netflix has a bunch of them. YouTube probably has millions of them. I have never been good at following exercise videos, so I’ll probably just get a good beginning yoga book2017 Health Trends That Actually Make Sense and go from there.

Functional Training

Probably the smartest fitness trend ever, functional training basically trains your body to do things you need to do every day, like carry all your groceries into the house in one trip! With my back issues, this is the one I really need the most. It’s kind of based on PT and rehap methods used for people after an accident or injury. If you’re spending most of your day at a desk or living a relatively sedentary life, this is the one you probably want to start with too.

Health Trends That Aren’t Completely Wacky

Health trends are where things get really scary. Fitness is such a personal thing, and the stuff that I find out there may be totally doable to you. When it comes to health trends, though, following the in crowd can actually get you killed. Please, please, please use common sense when deciding which health trends are worth trying, especially if you have a medical condition. Here are a few that don’t make me want to scream:

Sober Parties

Apparently, the new party trend is to sit around and eat chocolate or something else that’s usually “off limits” but doesn’t involve getting totally obliterated. I think that’s kind of a cool trend. I’d rather hang out with my friends and have a chocolate tasting party than get smashed and end up with a headache at a wine-tasting event. I’ve done the party girl thing, those days are far behind me now. Besides, there are so many cool mocktail recipes out there now that you’ll never even miss the boozy drinks!

Drinking a civilized amount of water

Stop punishing yourself because you neglected to drink 20 freaking gallons of water. CBS News wrote a great piece on health trends to ditch in 2017, and drinking water was one of them. No, they’re not saying to stop drinking it entirely. That’s crazy talk. Basically, they’re saying that unless you’re an athelete or working in a high-energy field, you don’t really need more than the previously recommended 8 glasses a day.

Eating more plant-based proteins

Plant proteins (versus meat-sourced) are really in right now, and I’m thrilled. I was a vegetarian for almost two decades. While I do eat chicken and turkey now, I haven’t touched red meat (or any mammal, or fish because I don’t like it) since I was 14 years old. I spent years listening to people tell me I couldn’t get enough protein without eating red meat. Now, we know that quinoa is actually a complete protein, and combining other grains and legumes can help us get to where we need to be with amino acids. You don’t have to go totally vegetarian if you don’t want to, but consider swapping out a few meals a week with something meatless.

“Clean” Skin Care & Makeup

Okay, so I never really got on board with “clean” eating. It’s a great concept, but not really practical for me. However, I LOVE the fact that makeup and skincare products are getting “cleaner.” Labels are getting easier to read and you no longer have to go to a specialty shop to get lipstick or blush that doesn’t have 50 weird chemicals in it. This is fantastic news for people with sensitive skin. One of my favorites is 100% Pure. Check out a review I did of their products last year.

There are a ton of other health trends picking up steam in 2017. Things like soup cleanses, smoothies for every meal and other “food” trends that disturb me a bit. Soup is great and all, don’t get me wrong, but I eat it because I’m hungry for it, not because I think it’s going to clean out my colon. It’s a lot smarter to just eat a healthy, balanced diet than to get on board with some sort of weird “eat only this food all day long” trend.

Have you discovered any health or fitness trends for 2017 that you feel are pretty civilized and easy to keep up with? Share in the comments.