Simple smoothies can make a great breakfast that’s quick and packed with the good stuff for your body. I’ve been trying to give my eating habits a bit of a reboot. Smoothies are always a great place for me to start to make sure I’m getting more fruits and vegetables in a day. I especially like that they encourage me to add more berries to my day. I’ve been brainstorming for some new simple flavor combinations to keep my taste buds interested without spending half of my morning creating the perfect beautiful smoothie. Check out some of my favorite flavor combinations below!

7 Simple Healthy Smoothie Ideas To Try

7 Simple Healthy Smoothie Ideas To Try

Green Smoothie

Some people have trouble with green smoothies tasting too.. green! This version is absolutely delicious and won’t taster super leafy. The combo of apple, pear and bananas make such a tasty base, you will barely realize you’re eating a ton of delicious greens too!

Raspberry Pineapple

Raspberries are so delicious in smoothies and this raspberry and pineapple combo packs a healthy punch of vitamin C.  Raspberries also have properties that can help promote weight loss, fight against cancer, and help your heart and circulatory system. You need more raspberries in your life!

Tastes Like Ice Cream Kale Smoothie

Hear me out because I’m not the biggest kale fan but I do know it’s good for me. This is the kale smoothie you have to try. It’s delicious and totally addictive! (Plus my kids like it too, bonus!)

Sunny Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry banana smoothies will always have a special place in my heart as they were the first flavor combo that got me hooked on smoothies. The trick is to brighten it up with some fresh orange to bring out those flavors, you have to try it!

Pomegranate Blueberry Smoothie

Happy weekend guy?? Pomegranate and blueberry smoothies layered with raspberry chia jam and quinoa pops for breakfast! Yammy?? I'm so in love with pomegranates at the moment and add them to both sweet and savoury dishes? I'm so happy to have a guy that loves my recipes and will give almost anything a try. It wasn't always that way though and for a while he turned his nose up at my cooking and would laugh and make fun of me! Now he has his nose and fingers in all my food? Think I preferred it when I had it all to myself? But seriously guys If you want to see your loved ones eat better never force them or nag them. Often seeing you create delicious dishes for yourself will give them that gentle nudge to want to try them. We all have the right to choose what we eat, no matter wether we agree with it or not it's not for us to decide for someone else. There is only one body you should be looking after and that's the wonderful creation that is you!! Love yourself, nourish yourself, glow from the inside out and others will want to follow. Peace out✌?️ #Gofruityourself #Smoothie #Strongwomen #Postworkout #Healthybreakfast #Matcha #Healthyliving #Chiaseeds #Fitspo #Smoothieporn #Cleanbreakfast #Juicing #Breakfastsmoothies #Gofruityourself #Smoothie #Healthyliving #Healthychoices #Healthyfoodshare #Smoothierecipes #Fitgirls #healthyeating #cardiojunky #gofruityourself #foodie #weightlosstips #superfood #chiaseeds #gettingskinny #weightlosstransformation #weightlossstory

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This smoothie has some serious layering action going on here. If you’re just starting making smoothies, try the blueberry and pomegranate base flavor and sprinkle with a few extra pomegranate seeds. For those of you who have leveled up, you have to try adding a no sugar raspberry jam, because it’s amazing!

Mango Secret Smoothie

This smoothie is so fruity thanks to the delicate flavor of mangos. I like this recipe because it was an easy one to sneak a lot of extra spinach into without changing the taste very much.

Apple Carrot and Orange Smoothie

This is another bright and cheerful smoothie that is the perfect way to start your day. This smoothie is on the sweeter side without added sugar, and makes such a pretty orange color in your cup or bowl.

So what is your favorite smoothie flavor combination that I should probably already be making? Tell me down in the comments!