Mermaid home décor is on my mind lately, I’ve been ogling ideas everywhere! With summer in full swing, I’m changing up my home a little and a few simple touches will give me that ocean and mermaid vibe all over my home. Mermaids aren’t just for kids, there are so many things you can do with the beautiful turquoise, purple and blue colors that will make you feel like you are at the beach! Check out some of my favorite ideas I found that will give you house a touch of mermaid inspired magic in your home décor.

11 Beautiful Mermaid Home Decor Ideas

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11 Beautiful Mermaid Home Decor Ideas

Mermaid Inspired Clock

11 Beautiful Mermaid Home Decor Ideas - Clock

This mermaid and ocean style clock is so dreamy! I love the rustic driftwood feel with the gorgeous touch of turquoise!

Mermaid Pillowcase Covers

11 Beautiful Mermaid Home Decor Ideas- Pillows

One of my favorite ways to change up my space quickly is to get some fresh pillows on my couch! These fun mermaid themed pillowcases have a gorgeous Mediterranean feel that is stylish without being kitschy. The prints on these mermaid pillows are so pretty!

Teal Cabinets

Looking to refinish your cabinets? Some pretty gold hardware and a rich teal color can look really pretty together, and gives off total mermaid vibes. I love the pop of colors this gives. You could also add this to an accent piece like a small cabinet with a similar effect.

Seashell Placemats
These pretty seashell placemats give a definite sea and mermaid feel that is pretty much effortless!

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Mermaid Tail Blanket

11 Beautiful Mermaid Home Decor Ideas- Mermaid Tail Blanket

I’ve been seeing these mermaid tail blankets all over the internet, and let’s face it I have to have one! Check out this super soft turquoise Mermaid Tail blanket. If turquoise isn’t your thing, this one comes in a whole bunch of other mermaid colors in variations of blue, purple, green and pink!

Mermaid Rug

11 Beautiful Mermaid Home Decor Ideas- Mermaid Rug Welcome Mat

This fun “Mermaids Welcome” rug is cotton, and perfect for your entrance way or even your doorstep. I may put this by my back door for my kid to wipe her scales when she comes inside from the pool.

Seashell Key Hook

11 Beautiful Mermaid Home Decor Ideas - Key Holder

One word, adorable! I love pieces that are pretty and functional at the same time. This seashell key hook gives a beautiful beachy feel, and helps me remember where I put the darn car keys I am always loosing!

Stencil Your Wall With Mermaid Scales

How pretty is this bathroom with the gorgeous blue and green scales. This would be perfect for my guest bathroom, but could also look pretty fantastic as an accent wall!

Beach Canvas Wall Décor

A little inexpensive and well places art can give your home a touch of mermaid vibes. Check out this fun video. Wouldn’t it be fun to use shells and sand from a trip to the beach to make this? It would be a great way to preserve the trip!

Mermaid Sand Dollar Drink Coasters

11 Beautiful Mermaid Home Decor Ideas- Sand Dollar Coasters

Every mermaid needs a place to set down her drink! Not only are these sand dollar coasters beautiful, the reviews are all saying they are incredibly absorbent for that tall glass of lemonade you plan on placing on top of it!

Mermaid Candle Jar DIY

This video actually has three different tutorials that will all make it feel like the ocean is calling you, but my favorite is the Mason jar with the twine knotted on the outside. This looks like such a simple DIY to add a touch of mermaid and beach to your home!

So which of these mermaid home décor ideas would you love in your home! Tell me down in the comments which ones you are loving!