Happy September! Fall is, more or less, officially here (I don’t care what the calendar says, the summer ship has sailed once August ends). You know what that means, right? It’s apple season! At least I think it is. I was never quite clear on that. Do apples get more apply in the fall, or do we just eat more of them because they taste like autumn? In either case, now is the perfect time to try a few new apple recipes! Check out a few that are on my list to try this season!

Celebrate fall's harvest with 35 outstandingly delicious apple recipes! From breakfast to dessert (yep, even lunch and dinner), apples are where it's at!

Delicious Apple Recipes to Try

As always, click through the links to get to the full recipe. All of these apple recipes are shared with permission.

1-Caramel Apple Snickers Salad

Apple recipes to try: Caramel Apple Snickers Salad

Caramels, apples, snickers, and whipped cream come together in an amazingly tasty combination with this Caramel Apple Snickers Salad from Dancing Through the Rain. My mouth is totally watering right now!

2- Apple Pie Yonanas

Apple Pie Yonana 35 Outstanding Apple Recipes That Scream "Fall is Here!"

A new take on a classic dessert, Apple Pie Yonanas brings all the flavor of a warm apple pie into a soft-serve treat! Simply add cinnamon, all spice and nutmeg to frozen apple slices and bananas. Tip: Leave the peel on the apples or peel only half the apple for best results. Check out this post for more delicious Yonanas recipes!

3- Easy Apple & Cheese Flatbreads


Apple Cheese Flatbreads

Apples aren’t just for dessert, and this apple & cheese flatbread recipe from My Life Cookbook proves it! Eat them for lunch, dinner, or a better-for-you snack!

4- Apple Pie Empanadas

Apple Pie Empanadas Final 4 e1479309930822 35 Outstanding Apple Recipes That Scream "Fall is Here!"

One of my all-time favorite recipes from OurFamilyWorld, these apple pie empanadas with caramel dipping sauce are positively divine fresh out of the oven!

5- Crazy Easy Salted Caramel Apple Dip

Celebrate fall harvest season with this crazy easy salted caramel apple dip recipe! Takes just minutes to make and tastes like a carnival apple!

I made this salted caramel apple dip all by myself. You know what that means, right? Even if you have zero talent in the kitchen, you can totally make it, too!

6- Dorset Apple Cake

Dorset Apple Cake 1 35 Outstanding Apple Recipes That Scream "Fall is Here!"

My gran used to make an amazing apple cake. Unfortunately, she didn’t leave the recipe in her cookbook, so now it’s gone forever. This Dorset Apple Cake from The Worktop looks pretty close to the one she made, so I’m going to give it a try!

7- Apple Nachos with Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Apple nachos chocolate peanut butter 1 35 Outstanding Apple Recipes That Scream "Fall is Here!"

Apples, peanut butter AND chocolate? I’m totally there. They’re gluten-free and vegan, too! Pretty much the perfect snack recipe for just about everyone, right? Grab this yummy apple nachos recipe at Trial and Eater.

8- Chocolate Covered Apple Cider Caramels

apple cider caramels recipe 3 35 Outstanding Apple Recipes That Scream "Fall is Here!"

If you can stop yourself from eating them all right away, these Chocolate covered apple cider caramels from Living Sweet Moments would make a great gift idea! Think housewarming, welcome to the neighborhood, or just a “you’re pretty swell” gift.

9- Caramel Apple Pumpkin Pie

Caramel Apple Pumpkin Pie with Ice Cream 35 Outstanding Apple Recipes That Scream "Fall is Here!"

Love pumpkin as much as you love apples? Get the best of both worlds with this caramel apple pumpkin pie from Finding Zest!

10- Pistachio Caramel Apple Butter Pancakes

Apple Butter Pancakes 8005 35 Outstanding Apple Recipes That Scream "Fall is Here!"

How amazing do these Pistachio Caramel Apple Butter Pancakes from Sweet and Savory Meals look? I know what I want for breakfast tomorrow!

More yummy apple recipes

  1. Caramel Apple Cider Cookies from “Cents” able Momma
  2. Apple Nachos S’mores from Dancing Through the Rain
  3. Caramel Apple Yonanas
  4. Apple Pie Jars from With a Blast
  5. Salted Caramel Apple Cider from OurFamilyWorld
  6. Caramel Apple Turnovers from The Worktop
  7. Allergy-friendly Cinnamon Apple Dog Treats from DogVills (because your pooches deserve to get in on the fun, too!)
  8. Sweet & Spicy Apple Chips from Mashup Mom
  9. Apple Crisp Overnight Oats from Fearless Dining
  10. Apple Cider Scones from Sugar, Spice, and Family Life
  11. Pumpkin Spice Sauteed Apples from Finding Zest
  12. Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar from Sustaining My Craft Habit
  13. Compressed Apple Cake from The Foodolic
  14. Apple Pie Sundae from Sidewalk Shoes
  15. Grilled Gouda with honey ham, apples, and chutney mayo from Donuts, Dresses, and Dirt
  16. Vegan Butternut Squash Apple Crisp from Avocado Pesto
  17. Three-Ingredient Airfryer Apple Crisps from Recipe This
  18. Tortilla Apple Dumplings from Dukes & Duchesses
  19. Stovetop Apple Crisp from The Spice Train
  20. Inside Out Chocolate Caramel Apples from Hungry Happenings
  21. Homemade Apple Fries from Frugal Coupon Living
  22. Brie, Apple, and Thyme Melts from Merry About Town
  23. Bavarian Apple Cheesecake from Mommy Moment
  24. Apple Bacon Arugula Bites from Chic ‘n Savvy
  25. Apple, Berry and Brie Turkey Burger Sliders from Peas & Crayons

These apple recipes should keep you busy throughout the fall! I know I’ll be trying as many as possible!

Do you have any favorite apple recipes? Tell me below! 


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Celebrate fall's harvest with 35 outstandingly delicious apple recipes! From breakfast to dessert (yep, even lunch and dinner), apples are where it's at!


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