Let’s be honest: beauty subscription boxes are a dime a dozen these days. Well, not literally (that would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?), but it seems like every time I log into Facebook, I see an ad for a brand new beauty box. For a makeup and skin care product nut like me, that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because who doesn’t love more variety. Bad, because I definitely can’t afford 50 subscription boxes a month!

If you're having a hard time wading through the long, long list of organic beauty boxes, I've got you covered! Read on for ten amazing subscription boxes that you'll love!

If you’re having a hard time wading through the long, long list of beauty boxes, I’ve got you covered! Read on for ten amazing organic beauty boxes that you can find right on CrateJoy (my favorite subscription club marketplace).

All-Natural Subscription Boxes Filled with Organic Beauty Finds

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1. TheraBox


bills itself as the “ultimate self care subscription box,” and the ratings agree! With over 400 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, it’s definitely a favorite among beauty junkies! Each box features 5-7 goodies that will help you live a happier and healthier life. Goodies range from aromatherapy, organic bath, and body/skincare products. The entire box is curated by therapists and inspired by research. $34.99 per box, for at least $100 worth of products.

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2. Merkaela

Merkaela Subscription Box: Organic and natural beauty productsMerkaela

is a great subscription box for those who don’t really need a new box every month, since it ships quarterly. Each box contains 4-6 health and wellness items, including bath salts, handmade soap, and body butter. They offer two options: a basic and a vegan box. The high-quality items come beautifully packages in glass jars and reusable tins, making this an incredibly eco-friendly subscription.

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3. Sudzly

10 All-Natural Subscription Boxes Loaded with Organic Beauty Goodies

For those on a smaller budget, Sudzly is a terrific way to treat yourself to some fabulous new organic bath products each month without breaking the bank. Boxes start at just $16 and always include a new soap made with 85% organic ingredients, plus a selection of other goodies, like scrubs, masks, and bath bombs. They even have an Unscented Spa Box for those with super sensitive skin.

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4. Sudz & Scrubz

10 All-Natural Subscription Boxes Loaded with Organic Beauty Goodies

If you love getting totally unique bath products, splurge on Sudz & Scrubz. At $34.99 for 5+ bath or shower products (depending on which box you choose), you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. All of the products are created especially for the boxes and aren’t even sold on their site, which means you’re truly getting something unique each month. All of the  products are cruelty-free and handmade right in the Sudz Shoppe.

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5. Beauteque Monthly

10 All-Natural Subscription Boxes Loaded with Organic Beauty Goodies

Another great wallet-friendly option, Beauteque Monthly offers a few different options designed to fit all budgets! Love face masks? Subscribe to Mask Maven and get 9 assorted masks each month for just $15. Got a little more wiggle room in your budget? Grab the Beauty Box, which features 6 assorted K-Beauty (Korean beauty) goodies and starts at $24/month.

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6. Bombay & Cedar

10 All-Natural Subscription Boxes Loaded with Organic Beauty GoodiesBombay & Cedar

, which calls itself “vegan lifestyle in a box,” delivers plenty of full-size cruelty-free vegan products each month, most of which are completely organic. They offer two versions: the MINI and the PREMIUM box. The MINI version features 5-7 products (including two Bombay & Cedar essential oils) valued at $60+, while the PREMIUM box comes with 8-10 products (including the EOs) valued at $100+. Along with the beauty products, you’ll also find vegan snacks, inspirational books, and other fun goodies.

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7. Scouted

10 All-Natural Subscription Boxes Loaded with Organic Beauty GoodiesScouted

promises to elevate your daily routine with a mix of 4-7 full-size artisinal beauty & wellness products (plus a few samples mixed in that don’t count towards the total) “scouted” from all over the world and delivered to your door each month. Boxes start at $39.99, and they have four options available. Each box contains at least $75 worth of products.

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8. Laurel & Reed

10 All-Natural Subscription Boxes Loaded with Organic Beauty GoodiesLaurel & Reed

specializes in “clean” beauty & lifestyle products that are non-toxic and cruelty-free. Each month, you’ll receive 4-6 full-size “top-shelf” products valued at $100 or more, typically featuring a mix of makeup, hair care, skincare, and some lifestyle goodies. Boxes start at $49.95 a month, so it’s definitely a splurge subscription, but keep in mind that they are all high-end luxury products.

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9. BareTerre Beauty Box

10 All-Natural Subscription Boxes Loaded with Organic Beauty Goodies

BareTerre makes two different boxes. One is a snack box, so it’s not really relevant to this list. The other one, pictured above, is the Beauty and Wellness Bare Box. It features 4-6 full-size or “luxury-sized” Fragrance- Free, Paraben-Free and Cruelty -Free products each month. I was a bit worried about the “and samples” party, but according to the reviews, they are large samples, not those tiny “single-use” things that should never actually cost money (seriously, if you’re paying for samples, knock it off). Boxes start at $25CAD (they ship to the worldwide, though).

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10. Hopebox

10 All-Natural Subscription Boxes Loaded with Organic Beauty GoodiesHopebox

isn’t just a beauty box, but a complete “care package” subscription box that delivers delightful little bits of hope each month. All of the priducts are handmade by artisans with their own inspiring stories. Each full-size self-care product is also vegan and cruelty-free. They offer 3 sizes, from the Hopebox Light with 6+ products valued at $65+ to the largest Hopechest, with 15+ products valued at $165+. Boxes start at $29 for the smallest one to $79 for the Hopechest.

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