Love the idea of giving homemade Christmas gift ideas but have all the crafting talent of a chihuahua? You can still give totally unique, one-of-a-kind presents without actually making them yourself. Plus, you’ll be supporting small businesses and other parents who are using their talents to support their families. Win-win!

Give meaningful handmade gifts and help support small businesses with these 25 fantastic ideas for everyone from mom and dad to kids and pets! Check them out!

I usually turn to Etsy for inspiration, but did you know that Amazon has an entire Handmade marketplace? I’ve been exploring it more lately and found some darling ideas there for all ages! Check out my top 5 favorites for all ages (and pets, too!).

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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas That You Don’t Have to Make Yourself

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Note- At the time I wrote this, all of these gifts say “arrives before Christmas.” Most of them are Prime-eligible. Still, double-check before ordering!

Handmade Christmas Gifts for Moms

1. Foodie Dice

Make meal planning easy and fun with these neat Foodie Dice! The set includes 5 regular dice with all the major food groups and four seasonal dice. Give them a roll and see what’s for dinner! So cute!


2. Really Beautiful Bath Bombs

I usually make all of my own bath stuff, but I’m not quite talented enough to pull off something as beautiful as these bath bombs! They’re all-natural and dye-free, so they won’t stain your tub. Each one is about the size of a tennis ball, and you get 6 (which makes the price on par with the huge bath bombs you find in stores like Lush, Pink, and the Body Shop, except in this case you’re supporting a small business).

3. Ranunculus Laser Cut Wood Journal

Give mom a place- and a reason- to write down her thoughts and memories by giving her a beautiful laser-cut wood journal. Tell her that it’s a gift that keeps giving, as her grandchildren and great-grandchildren will one day be able to look back and learn all about her day-to-day life. I wish my grandmother had kept a journal.

4. Personalized Family Name Sign

I love the rustic look of personalized family name signs like this one. Select from two different wood colors, then add your family’s info (name, monogram initial, and a special date). They then use state-of-the-art printing techniques to add your info and create a stunning gift.

5. Personalized Mom Necklace with Birthstones and Initial Charms

Everything about this personalized necklace is customizable, including the metal (gold, bright silver, or black silver), the chain, and of course the birthstones. Price is for one birthstone. Each additional is $10. I have an only child, so I could get away with just one! 😀



Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads

6. Lunch Tote

Does dad like to pack his lunch? Send him off to work in style with this handsome waxed canvas lunch tote! It’s 7″ wide x 5.5″ deep x 12″, so roomy enough for a sandwich and a snack!

7. Airplane Camera Strap

Need a great gift idea for a photographer? I love this airplane/old-timey map camera strap! It fits any DSLR, SLR or mirrorless camera (basically, the good cameras, it’s not made for “point-and-shoots”). The 2″ wide strap helps distribute the weight of the camera so that it doesn’t weigh down on your neck quite as much.

8. Funny Kung-Fu Fighting Mug

If dad loves funny old 80s songs or sarcastic sayings, this mug is perfect for him! The mug is custom-created in-house, and made of fine white ceramic. It’s microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

9. Tortilla Press

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what this is, but it sure does look neat! Apparently, it’s made for making corn tortillas. Someone else asked in the Amazon questions section. It’s hand-made in a workshop in CA, and comes in three sizes.

10. Natural Handmade Dead Sea Mud Soap

Guys deserve pampering, too! This handmade dead sea mud soap make a great inexpensive gift for kids to give to dad. It’s made with all-natural ingredients (including, of course, Dead Sea mud) and smells like lavender. They also have peppermint and unscented soaps.

Cute Handmade Gifts for Tweens & Teens

11. Star Wars Music box

Want to give your teen a Star Wars gift that no one else has? This darling hand-cranked music box is budget-friendly and so unique! Check out the video to hear it in action:

They have other movie-inspired boxes, too, including one for Harry Potter! I really want that one for myself! As you know, I’m kind of an obsessed Harry Potter fan!

12. Soakey Dokey Bath Bombs

Another set of really pretty bath bombs, I love these because they are more “unisex” than some of the others out there. Boys love bath bombs, too, but they don’t always want to smell like flowers. Not only do these come in fun colors, but you can choose the scents, which include all the standard scents, plus some great ones like vanilla and mango that my son would actually like.

13. Star Wars Harry Potter vs Darth Vader Print

Can’t decide between a Harry Potter gift or a Star Wars one? Give both with this fandom mashup print featuring Harry going up against Vader! The 11 x 14 print uses UltraChrome HDR ink, which is supposed to last over 100 years!

14. Straighten Your Crown Print

Give your daughter a meaningful gift reminding her that she comes from very noble and regal stock (meaning you!) with this inspiration gold foil print that reads, Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed, Remember Whose Daughter You Are and Straighten Your Crown.” The gorgeous 8×10″  handmade print is backed by a money-back guarantee.

15. Personalized Harry Potter Acceptance Letter

harry potter acceptance letter

Yes, another Harry Potter idea, but really, you can never have too many Wizarding World gifts, now can you? Every fan dreams of getting their very own Hogwarts acceptance letter! I know I do, and I’m well past the age where I have to worry about the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery! This makes a fantastic gift idea for an 11-year-old, since it’s the age that most kids receive their Hogwarts letter. The only thing that would make this better is if it was delivered by owl!


Handmade Gift Ideas for Little Kids

16. Wooden Toy Camera

Encourage little imaginations and inspire future photographers with this beautiful wooden toy camera! It is made in the USA by a work at home mom. She offers four different woof variations, including Walnut, Cherry, Aspen, or Mahogany.

17. Stuffed Unicorn Doll

I have to admit, I kind of want this stuffed unicorn all for myself! Isn’t it beautiful? It’s safe for most ages, as it doesn’t contain any small parts (no button eyes, for example). Although it’s made overseas, it’s fulfilled by Amazon and Prime-eligible, so you’ll get it before Christmas.

18. My First Block Set 12 Piece

Wooden blocks make great gifts for tiny tots. We had a set when Jake was little that he absolutely loved (and that lasted most of his childhood!). This set is handmade in the USA and totally non-toxic. It includes 12 blocks in a mix of maple, cherry, and walnut wood.

19. 3D Jigsaw Puzzle The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

How cute is this 3D Jigsaw puzzle featuring the wolf and seven little lambs? One might say that it’s a tad creepy, since the wolf usually eats the lambs, but I say it’s a great way to teach little kids about peace and harmony. Instead of making the wolf mean, he can be a babysitter! 😀

20. Toy Car Play Mat

Okay, I know that this toy car play mat is a bit pricier than one that you can buy in stores, but it is so detailed and fun! It’s rolls up small enough to fit into a diaper bag or backpack, but when unrolled it features: a pop-up car wash, traffic light, pop-up gas station with a “real” nozzle, repair garage, pockets to store cars, and over 6 feet of road. It’s made from durable Eco-fi Felt.

Adorable homemade gifts for pets

21. Natural Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Candy Cups Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Cup Dog Treats

Give your pups a tasty dog-friendly version of your favorite peanut butter cup with this 6-pack of human-grade treats! They’re made with carob, peanut butter, and other natural ingredients, and are packaged in a holiday-themed box.

22. Monster Dog Toy

Monster Handmade Dog Toy

This darling handmade dog toy is knit with non-toxic material and contains a super strong squeaker. It’s a gift that gives back, as it generates income for poor women in Anatolia. It’s even machine-washable!

23. Refillable Cat Nip Blanket

Cats love laying on new blankets, especially when they’re filled with cat nip like this one! The fun and snuggly blanket is made in the USA and comes pre-filled with organic cat nip, plus it has a Velcro opening so you can refill it as needed.

24.Paw Balm for Cats & Dogs

Winter is rough on our pet’s paws! Between chapping from cold snow and cracking from dry air, they could definitely use a little extra TLC. Grab this paw balm to soothe their dry, achy pads! It’s also great for noses and elbows, too! You can even use it on your own rough skin. It’s made with just four natural ingredients (all of which I have used myself).

25. Guinea Pig Fleece Tunnel

Don’t forget a little something special for your guinea pigs! My piggies love the feel of fleece. We make our own fleece mats for their habitat (which is a lot easier than it sounds), but I know they would also love this cozy run-through tunnel! It measures about 13″ x 8″ x 7″.



Remember, all of these handmade gift ideas are created by small business owners, like other moms and dads who are trying to make the holidays special for their own families!

Do you have any favorite handmade gift ideas that are made by other people? Do you have your own handmade gift business? Tell me all about it! You can even leave a link to your shop in your comment. 

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