Choosing gifts for book lovers sounds simple enough. Just buy them books, right? Total no-brainer! Not so fast, my friend! Before you add the latest and so-called greatest best seller to your cart to give to your book nerd friend, read on to find out why it may not be the best idea as well as what to give instead!

Think you'll just buy your book nerd friend the latest best seller and call it a day? Not so fast! Find out why that's an awful idea and check out 15 great gifts for book lovers (that aren't all just more books).


Buying books as gifts is not as easy as just perusing the NYT Bestseller List and picking out the top three. See, most of us book nerds have massive lists of the tomes we desperately want, and they’re not always filled with the books everyone else is reading. Case in point, there’s not a single fiction novel on the current best-seller list that I actually want to read right now.

I have very specific tastes and moods, as does every other avid reader that I know. So unless you know exactly what books are on your loved one’s most-wanted list, you’re better off going with a more general “bookish” gift.

Don’t worry, you can still show that you totally appreciate their massive love for literature with one of these ideas below! Every single item is something I either have or am asking for on my own wish list this year. Yes, there are a few books on this list, but you’ll notice that they all have something in common. They’re all books about books and not book books.

Now that I’ve said “books” so many times that it doesn’t even sound like a word anymore, let’s get started!

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Best Gifts for Book Lovers

1. A Really Good Book Stand

Book stand

At the top of my list, you’ll find this super inexpensive yet highly rated book stand. See, while I read about 95% of my books on my Kindle, I do still love a good paperback or hardback. The problem? With my carpal tunnel and other hand issues, it’s hard to hold them open for hours on end! This is the perfect solution, and I’m really looking forward to getting it for Christmas!


2. This Book Light That Goes Around the Neck

15 Outstanding Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren't Just More Books)

Once upon a time, I had 20/20 vision and could read in the lowest lighting. Now, I can’t even make out a single word without glasses and plenty of bright light. Most book lights snap onto the pages and ruin them. This one goes around your neck, so you don’t crimp your beloved paperback. Plus, if you need a little more light to read your Kindle, an “around the neck” light makes it so much easier! I mean, you can’t exactly snap a standard model onto your tablet, can you?


3. 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die Page-A-Day Calendar

1,000 Books to Read Before You Die Page-A-Day Calendar

Workman Publishing sent me a huge box of 2020 calendars to help celebrate 40 years of publishing some of the most unique and fun calendars on the market. I gave them a list of the ones I wanted to check out  and told them to surprise me. They generously sent me ALL of them because they rock! I’ll be sharing all of my favorites in a separate post later, but among them was this must-have for every book lover.

It’s based on their super popular book by the same name and includes new books across all genres to add to your TBR pile every singe day of the year. Some days have a featured book while others have a short list of ideas. It’s taking a lot of willpower not to open it up right now and read all 365 days’ worth in one sitting.


4. Book Log Journal

15 Outstanding Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren't Just More Books)

While I use a hardback Alice in Wonderland journal that I got for Christmas years ago to track all the books I’ve read, if I ever fill it up I’ll definitely grab this one! The sleek and modern journal gives you plenty of pages to write down your reading-related thoughts plus space to keep track of books that you’ve lent out, book lists from best-selling authors, and more.


5.Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

With recipes like Brave New Swirled, Paradise Sauced, and of course the titular Tequila Mockingbird, this best-selling recipe book is perfect for literary lovers & lushes alike! It includes 65 drink recipes perfect that are just perfect for book club night, plus tips on the best cocktail tools, ingredients and more. Super cute!


6. 52-Week Reading Challenge Journal with Prompts

52-Week Reading Challenge Journal with Prompts

I actually made this one! Okay, so the cover isn’t as gorgeous as I was going for, but I spent a lot of time on the “guts” of the book. It includes all the challenges in my 52-Week Reading Challenge post, but in writing prompt form. Below each, you’ll have plenty of space to jot down your thoughts on each one, plus a handy book review page to go along with each one. It also includes a book log in the front of the journal to track your progress.


7. Kindle Fire HD 10

Kindle Fire HD 10

I have Kindles in pretty much every size available, but the HD 10 is my favorite! I love that the screen is more the size of a hardcover book than a smaller trade paperback. Along with reading, I also use it to stream  movies & TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Video every week.

After my desktop that I use for work, it’s probably my most-used device in the house (and I have an iPhone & iPad). Sure, it’s not as powerful as the iPad when it comes to productivity, but if you just want something that’s perfect for reading and watching movies, you can’t go wrong here.


8. Kindle Unlimited Membership

Give the gift of unlimited reading with a Kindle Unlimited membership! Along with thousands upon thousands of fiction books by both new and well-known authors, they’ll get access to a huge library of non-fiction tomes. I’ve read dozens of cookbooks, craft books, business advice and more through my KU membership.

I’m also noticing more and more “big” names showing up alongside indie authors. Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins, for example, both seem to be allowing more books into the KU program. Hopefully within a few years we’ll see all of the major publishing houses embracing a new era and including their library. Until then, though, there’s still plenty to read for everyone!

Get it Here

9. Bookish Coloring Book

Book lovers adult coloring book

A super inexpensive stocking stuffer gift idea for book lovers, this cute adult coloring book features 20 pages of “bookish” sayings and designs printed on single sides (so markers won’t bleed through).



10. Wood Book Page Holder 

15 Outstanding Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren't Just More Books)

While I’m wishing for the book stand up there in the #1 slot, I know a lot of people prefer to lounge back in bed while reading. That’s where this wood page holder comes in handy! Literally, as you slide it over your thumb to keep your page propped open.


11. Kate Spade Book Tote

15 Outstanding Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren't Just More Books)

Give them  a gift that lets them tote all their tomes in style with this cute book bag, complete with an inner pocket for holding other essentials. It’s surprisingly inexpensive for a Kate Spade! I’m not a big designer bag type of girl, but she does have some cute stuff.


12. Novel Teas 

Novel Teas

I’m more of a coffee drinker during the day, but when I curl up with a good book I prefer to drink tea. If you know someone who feels the same way, stick a package of these Novel Teas in their stocking. Each of the 25 tea bag tags includes a literary quote. Just keep in mind that the tea bags aren’t individually wrapped, so you can’t really break up the set to give as separate gifts (for example, if you were planning on making little book lover gift baskets).


13. Miniature Book Earrings

15 Outstanding Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren't Just More Books)

My single piercings in my ears closed a long time ago, so these are out for me. They’re too cute not to share, though, and definitely make adorable gifts for book lovers who actually DO have pierced ears. Plus, they’re handmade, so each set is unique AND you’re supporting a small business by buying them.


14. A Girl Who Loved Books T-Shirt

How cute is this t-shirt for book lovers? I can totally relate to it. Sadly, it’s way too cold to wear tees in the winter here, even with a coat, but I would definitely wear it during the summer. If you don’t love the black, it comes in four other colors.

15. Book Nerd Hoodie

Book Nerd Hoodie

Now, here’s something I could (and would) wear pretty much all year long. I moved it near the top of my list, so I’m really hoping someone gets the hint. 😀 It’s a Fluffy Unicorn hoodie, so you know it’ll be comfy & cozy.


There you go! While a few of these are books, like I said, they’re more “books about books.” My personal favorite? Either the first or last one on the list. I mean, besides the one that I actually made myself (although, to be honest, the Book Nerd hoodie still tops that one for me).




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