About three years ago, I started a blogging series called “Things to Write About In…” filled with loads of monthly blogging prompts. These prompts are eternal, so the holidays and ideas that I gave you in June 2016 still work today. I realized, though, that I started the series mid-way through the year and never circled back around to the first few months! While January is pretty much over, February is just around the corner! Check out these great blogging prompts for February!

Can't decide what to write in February? Check out 90+ writing prompts to use in blogs, journals and even in lesson plans! Ideas cover everything from food blogging to health topics.



February Writing Prompts: What to Blog About This Month

FYI, you don”t have to be a blogger to find these writing prompts useful. They’re also great for inspiring journal entries, creative writing, and even school papers!

All Month Long

These “holidays” take place throughout the entire month, so you can use them whenever you want.

  1. American Heart Month: Share your favorite heart-healthy tips, recipes and more. If you’re a lifestyle blogger, share a personal story about how heart disease has impacted your life. Sadly, since it’s the number one killer in the US, too many of us have up-close and personal experience with it. The American Heart Association is the best place to go for up-to-date info on heart disease.
  2. Bake for Family Fun Month: While this theme is perfect for recipe bloggers, you don’t have to be a wiz in the kitchen to use it! Share your favorite tools for baking with kids, safety tips, a memory of something you used to make with your grandmother, and so on. Roundups are also great. Focus on foods that you can make and share with your kids!
  3. Declutter For A Cause Month: We all have way too much clutter! Get organized while helping others with this theme! Share tips on organizing your home. Here’s a hint: dig into those areas that aren’t covered so often, like a linen closet or bookshelves. That way, you’ll stand out amidst the 100K tips on how to organize your pantry or bedroom closet.  I did a post on organizing my bathroom cabinet once. I wish I could say it’s still as organized as it was after that! Along with your tips, share some of your favorite places that can benefit from your clutter!
  4. Dog Training Education Month: If you’re a pet blogger, you have a lot of great themes to choose from this month, including dog training tips. You’re not going outrank Caesar or the AKC for general tips, so dive into something super specific that you’ve learned from training your own dog. Maybe you taught her how to run an agility course by using a laser pointer, or how to dance on command! I shared some tips on how to train the untrainable last year as part of a partnership with PawCulture.

90+ Things to Write About in February (Blogging & Journal Prompts)

  1. Grapefruit Month: The obvious theme would be a grapefruit recipe post. Not a food blogger? No worries! You can write about the health benefits of grapefruit, different skin care products that contain it, or even a grapefruit-based craft. Honestly, I can’t stand grapefruit so I’m blanking a bit here. Here’s a pretty good resource for learning more about grapefruit month.
  2. International Boost Self-Esteem Month: First, I love this “month.” We all need to boost our self-esteem a bit sometimes, right? For this topic, you can go in so many directions. Self-help books that aren’t boring (for book bloggers), a craft along with how crafting with kids helps boost their self-esteem, general tips, relaxation tips, and so on.
  3. Library Lovers Month: Libraries are so incredibly important, yet fewer and fewer people are using them. Did you know that most libraries have ebooks now? They serve them through Overdrive. You just need an account at your library to borrow books on Overdrive. Ideas for library lovers month include: sharing tips on getting the most out of your library, free programs that libraries offer, books to borrow, benefits of libraries for kids, or just a roundup of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Hmmm, I may use that one.
  4. Black History Month (I am also seeing this called African American History Month. I do not know which is correct, so if I chose the wrong name, please forgive my ignorance. It’s not intentional, I searched for the answer and got mixed results): Again, there are so many ways to celebrate this month, from crafts and recipes to diverse books to read with your kids. If you’re a travel blogger, you can share some ideas on places to visit for interesting lectures or museums that celebrate African American achievements. You can also write about ways to teach kids about the Civil Rights movement. My son just finished The Watson’s Go to Birmingham for his cyber school Language Arts class, and it was really well-written and engaging.
  5. National Cherry Month: My mom loves chocolate covered cherries, so if you want to write a recipe about how to make the ones with the creamy stuff in the middle that you buy in grocery stores, I’d love to see it! For other recipe ideas, try: roundups, desserts, dinner recipes that incorporate cherries (to stand out from the dessert crowd), and drinks (cocktails and mocktails). Non-food bloggers can come up with cute cherry crafts, the health benefits of cherries, or even homeschooling lessons about the history of cherries!

90+ Things to Write About in February (Blogging & Journal Prompts)

  1. National Hot Breakfast Month: One word for you: pancakes! They trend like, well, hotcakes, on Pinterest. Get creative and come up with pancake recipes that step outside the usual chocolate chip or fruit box. You can even combine it with cherry month and make some chocolate-covered cherry pancakes! Yum! Other ideas include: benefits of eating a hot breakfast every day, how to make time for hot breakfasts on a busy morning, roundups, and programs that help kids in need enjoy a hot breakfast.
  2. National Pet Dental Health Month: Here’s another great topic for pet bloggers! Write a how-to (think outside the box, like how to clean your high-energy dog’s teeth, or how to clean your senior cat’s teeth, etc), share your favorite dental health products, or interview a vet for expert advice. February is also Responsible Pet Owner’s Month & Spay/Neuter Awareness month.
  3. National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month: Help raise awareness and prevent teen dating violence by sharing parenting tips for all ages and stages. For example, if you typically write about toddlers, you can share tips for laying the groundwork for the future. Think “Things You Can Do Now to Teach Your Toddler About Respecting Others” and what not. You can also share resources for teens who have been through dating violence.
  4. National Women Inventors Month: Celebrate all of the amazing ways women have contributed to the world during National Women Inventors Month! List your favorite inventions from women or get super creative and invent something of your own!

February Weekly Holidays

  1. Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week (4th through the 10th): Share your favorite children’s books, tips for encouraging kids to read, or a story about the book that changed your life when you were a kid!
  2. Children’s Mental Health Week (starts on the 5th): Our kids are dealing with so much these days, it’s no wonder that anxiety in children has been steadily rising over the last few decades. From bullying to ridiculous standardized tests to public schools that are run more like boot camps than places for children, the pressures our kids face is worse than ever. Share your parenting tips on how to reduce stress in our kids, raise awareness about mental health concerns like depression in children, and so on.
  3. XXIII Winter Olympics (starts on the 9th, runs through the 25th): The Olympics is ripe with themes for every type of blogger and educator! Share Olypic-specific crafts (like these suncatchers), write about things to do in Pyeongchang, South Korea, share your favorite Korean recipe, and so on. You can also hone in on your favorite Winter Olympics sport and just write about that. Give tips on how to get into skiing for beginners, the best places to go ice skating, the most epic moments in ice hocket, etc.


  1. International Friendship Week (11-17th): Fun ideas include how to reconnect with old friends, how to find a penpal for your kids, and great vacation ideas to take with your best friend.
  2. Jell-O Week (11-17th)
  3. Random Acts of Kindness Week (11-17th): Share your tips on paying it forward year round!
  4. National Entrepreneurship Week (17-24th)
  5. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (25th to March 3rd)

Daily Holidays in February (by category)

Still need more ideas? Here are the top holidays throughout February, broken down by category!

Food-related holidays

Let these food-related holidays inspire your recipes or recipe roundups!

90+ Things to Write About in February (Blogging & Journal Prompts)

  1. Candy-Making Day: 1
  2. Bubble Gum Day: 2
  3. Crepe Day: 2
  4. Ice Cream for Breakfast Day: 3
  5. Popcorn Day: 4 (always on Super Bowl Sunday)
  6. World Nutella Day: 5
  7. Canadian Maple Syrup Day: 6
  8. Dry Bean Day: 8
  9. National Bagel Day: 9
  10. National Pizza Day: 9
  11. IHOP Pancake Day: 13
  12. National Almond Day: 16
  13. Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day: 18
  14. National Drink Wine Day: 18
  15. Chocolate Mint Day: 19
  16. National Chili Day: 22
  17. World Pistachio Day: 26

Holidays for health bloggers

90+ Things to Write About in February (Blogging & Journal Prompts)

  1. Give Kids A Smile Day: 2
  2. Wear Red Day: 2
  3. World Cancer Day: 4
  4. Toothache Day: 9
  5. Autism Sunday: 11
  6. World Day of The Sick: 11
  7. National Women’s Heart Day: 14
  8. World Human Spirit Day: 17
  9. Rare Disease Day: 28

Pet & Animal-related holidays

90+ Things to Write About in February (Blogging & Journal Prompts)

  1. Serpent Day: 1
  2. Hedgehog Day: 2
  3. Marmot Day: 2
  4. Sled Dog Day: 2
  5. World Wetlands Day: 2
  6. Safety Pup Day: 12
  7. Pet Theft Awareness Day: 14
  8. National Hippo Day: 15
  9. Westminster Dog Show: 15-16
  10. World Whale Day: 17
  11. Love Your Pet Day: 20
  12. National Dog Biscuit Day: 23
  13. International Polar Bear Day: 27
  14. Spay Day USA: 27

History-related days

90+ Things to Write About in February (Blogging & Journal Prompts)

  1. Freedom Day: 1
  2. Robinson Crusoe Day: 1
  3. Laura Ingalls Wilder Day: 7
  4. National Inventors Day: 11
  5. Darwin Day: 12
  6. Paul Bunyan Day: 12
  7. NAACP Day: 12
  8. League of Women Voters Day: 14
  9. Susan B. Anthony Day: 15
  10. World Day for Social Justice: 20

Other random holidays

I couldn’t really fit these under any specific category, but they all still make great blogging topics!

90+ Things to Write About in February (Blogging & Journal Prompts)

  1. International Face & Body Art Day: 1
  2. Candelmas: 2
  3. Imbolc: 2
  4. Groundhog Day: 2
  5. Take Your Child To The Library Day: 3
  6. Facebook’s Birthday: 4
  7. Super Bowl 52: 4
  8. Ballet Day: 7
  9. Read in the Bathtub Day: 9
  10. Clean Out Your Computer Day: 12
  11. Extraterrestrial Visitor Day: 12
  12. Galentine’s Day: 13
  13. Mardi Gras: 13
  14. International Book Giving Day: 14
  15. Library Lovers Day: 14
  16. National Have A Heart Day: 14
  17. Singles Awareness Day 14
  18. Valentine’s Day: 14
  19. Random Acts of Kindness Day: 17
  20. World Thinking Day: 22
  21. National Dance Day: 24

This is far from a complete list of holidays! For more ideas, check out two of my favorite sources for finding holidays: Brownielocks and National Today. The first is perfect if you want to see pretty much everything single holiday for a month in one neat list. The second is fantastic for more in-depth info, or for sorting through holidays by topic.

What’s on your editorial calendar for February? Share some of your favorite topics (you don’t have to get specific, I know we all guard our best ideas pretty fiercely!).