Summer vacation may look and feel a lot different this year than in the past, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a blast! Read on for 35 fun ways to “Get Up and Play” more right in your own backyard this summer. Plus, don’t miss your chance to win a $25 Virtual Visa Gift Card at the end of this post.

Make outdoor play time a priority this summer! Check out 35 fun ideas to help you Get Up and Play more together + grab a free printable to help keep track of your family's activities.

*FYI, Entenmann’s® Little Bites® provided coupons & a gift card so that I could try the product and share my thoughts and information about the Get Up and Play Challenge. All opinions and ideas are my own.

35 Ways to Get Up and Play in Your Own Backyard This Summer

First, I made you a fun little free Weekly Play Plan printable to help you keep track of your family’s activities! Just click the image (or here) to print a PDF version. The names below are just for display purposes. Your version is blank there so you can fill in your own names.

Free printable weekly "play plan" to keep kids active all summer long.

Need some ideas to help you fill that sheet? The 50 below range from wild and crazy fun to mellow evening activities under the stars.

  1. Build your own backyard fort out of tree branches.
  2. Design an obstacle course and teach your dog how to run it (or run it yourself).
  3. Challenge each other to hula hoop contests.
  4. Draw unique hopscotch layouts and see who can master them the fastest.
  5. Break out the water squirters and balloons for an epic backyard water battle.
  6. Catch (and release, please) lightning bugs at night.
  7. Pitch a tent and camp out in your back yard.
  8. Grow something together as a family.
  9. Stargaze together, except make up your own constellations.
  10. Start a backyard book club for your kids.
  11. Hike your way through all the trails in your area.
  12. Do a 30-day photo challenge outdoors. For example, find and photograph a new flower, bug, etc every day for a month.
  13. Write and act out a family play.
  14. Give old-fashioned geocaching a try.
  15. Make giant versions of your favorite board games and play them in your yard.
  16. Look up the itinerary for a town walking tour, then strike out to take it on your own.
  17. Spend a day learning about a new local ecosystem- like a river or lake. Most areas have Environmental Education Centers that can help you get started.
  18. Create a sidewalk chalk art gallery.
  19. Make a time capsule filled with the GOOD things that happened in your lives this year (help kids focus on something a little less scary).
  20. Go treasure hunting in your own backyard. Rent or buy a metal detector and see what you find!
  21. Set up a volleyball or badminton net in your yard.
  22. Learn about games played in other cultures and try a few out.
  23. Make your own foam swords and have sword fights.
  24. Practice juggling!
  25. Build your own outdoor race track for remote control cars.
  26. Paint rocks and leave them around your neighborhood for people to find.
  27. Hang an old-fashioned tire swing and take turns playing on it.
  28. Do the limbo!
  29. Create a backyard mini golf course out of household supplies.
  30. Cool off on a water slide or by running through sprinklers.
  31. Fill bottles with water and set up a bowling lane in your driveway.
  32. Turn your yard into a science lab. Check out some fun experiments you can do together.
  33. Feed the birds. Make your own peanut butter bird feeder. 
  34. Play capture the flag, freeze tag, or other games that involve running around.
  35. Have a teddy bear picnic in your backyard (or just a family picnic if your kids are too old for stuffed animal fun).

Teddy bear picnic



Get Up & Play #TeamLittleBites Challenge and Sweepstakes

Posted by Little Bites on Monday, June 15, 2020

Entenmann’s Little Bites is challenging you to Get Up and Play to make this the tastiest and most active summer, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle through fun activities, games, and challenges throughout the season.

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35 Ways to "Get Up and Play" More at Home This Summer (With Free Printables + $25 Visa Gift Card Giveaway)

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