Diamonds are more popular than ever, says the 2019 The Diamond Insight Report, and this is because these sparkling gems, once a symbol of romantic love, “now express modern love in all its forms, not only in relation to traditions such as engagement or weddings.” Many modern day fashion and jewelry lovers are also deciding not to wait for someone to give them the perfect diamond, choosing instead to make their own purchases according to their taste and style. If you think that now is the perfect time to reward yourself with a sparkler, you may find welcome inspiration in the following diamond ring trends.

What are the Hottest Trends in Diamond Ring Designs?

Oval and Round-Shaped Diamonds

The recent penchant for emerald-cut, rectangular shaped diamonds has given way to a passion for more traditional round or oval diamond shapes, whose spherical forms lend them a natural grace. If you are looking for a statement piece, round and oval shapes hark back to classic curved diamond rings worn by everyone from Greta Garbo to Marilyn Monroe. Let the diamond do the talking by pairing a quality rock with a simple plain band. You can then maintain the luster of your diamonds by wearing them sans cream or other skincare products that can dull their shine. Clean a large round diamond gently with a specialized solution recommended by the designer. Gentle soap will also do; just make sure to avoid abrasive cleaning products.

Stacked Diamonds

If you are on a budget, a fine diamond pavé ring is ideal as it is extremely on trend and can easily be stacked up against other plain metal or diamond rings you already have. These days, stacked diamond rings come in much more than the classic eternity band style. They also appear in minimalist solitaire designs, as well as three-diamond and nature-inspired shapes. Stack them up with a masculine Cartier Love-style ring for a chic everyday look.

Hidden Halos

Halos have been a revered setting for diamonds for decades owing to their ability to make a ring’s main diamond appear larger. Today, halos fulfill a whole different purpose, since the pavé or tiny diamonds around the main diamond are tiny and barely perceptible. The idea is to add an extra frame of fire that will only be visible as light instead of as a discrete element of a ring. Hidden halos work as beautifully around square and rectangle diamond shapes as they do around the classic round design.

Pavé Bands

Encursing the band that holds a main diamond up is another way to add extra shine to a ring. Meghan Markle recently showed fashionistas how it’s done, modifying her engagement ring with pavé diamonds. The effect of this tune-up was to hide the yellow gold, giving the ring a whiter, more modern look that is totally in line with Markle’s penchant for white gold and platinum looks. Indeed, when it comes to choice of material, platinum continues to be a top seller, as does white gold.

Many years have passed since a diamond was a rock that one never purchased for oneself. Today, ‘sisters and brothers are doing it for themselves’, buying everything from solitaire diamonds to delicate pavés. For a really urban look, it’s got to the ultra-skinny diamond band. Easy to stack or wear on its own, it is the ultimate youthful accessory that exudes modernity and sophistication.