This year, forget the same old high-pressure “eat better, lose weight, workout more” goals and make one of these New Years resolutions that will truly make you a better person both inside and out!

This year, forget the same old high-pressure "eat better, lose weight, workout more" goals and make one of these New Years resolutions that will truly make you a better person both inside and out!

I abhor New Year’s Resolutions. Seriously, they’re just awful. So much pressure! No wonder only about 8% of people actually achieve them. I didn’t just pull that number out of the air, either. It’s based on an actual study.

Instead of the same old trite and unrealistic resolutions to eliminate sugar, workout 75 times a week, and save $10,000 when you only make $20K a year, try one (or heck, all) of these alternative resolutions! . Some are kind of funny, some really serious. Some sound funny but I’m totally being serious! Some make your life better, some the world around you, some both.  I’ll let you decide which are which. 😀

99 New Year’s Resolutions That Everyone Should Make

My own goals are in pink. The rest are things I already do (or don’t do, in the case of the “will nots”). I’m certainly not saying I’m better than anyone else (see #13).   I just made a conscious decision years ago to at least try to be a good person overall- both to myself and others. I make mistakes, of course, but I do my best to stick to that goal.

  1. I will set reasonable expectations for myself. 
  2. I will set reasonable expectations of others.
  3. I will not fight with family members about politics. It never ends well.
  4. I will think before I speak.
  5. I will not repost stories on Facebook without fact-checking them. (Preferably against 3 RELIABLE sources, and one of them can’t end in the name of a Simpson’s child).
  6. Ditto to the above for alarming “facts” and “studies.” I will fact-check them and make sure they are legit first.
  7. I will not drive like I am more important than everyone else on the road. (One I hope every freaking out of state driver who comes to the Poconos will adopt).
  8. I will not curse up a storm when someone else drives like they are more important than everyone else on the road.
  9. I will definitely stop sharing memes that are clearly designed to insult other people.
  10. I will stop posting passive-aggressive memes that are clearly designed to make everyone on my friends list wonder if they’re the target.
  11. I will stop acting like my way is the only right way.
  12. I will not lecture people who still like carbs ( I’m perfectly happy with my carb-loaded lifestyle, leave me alone)
  13. I will not mock people who say things I don’t agree with, even if I’m just doing it in my head.
  14. I will remember that everyone is equal, that no one is better than me just because they have more money.
  15. I will remember that I am not better than anyone else.
  16. I will remember that I am as good as everyone else and stop putting myself down. 
  17. I will learn at least one new thing every single day.
  18. I will make a real effort to understand different cultures.
  19. I will read at least one new thing every single day (it doesn’t have to be a whole book, even just the back of the cereal box!)
  20. I will allow myself to procrastinate once in a while (there really are benefits to putting something off)
  21. I will show empathy towards those in pain, even if I don’t understand their pain.
  22. I will not judge other parents’ decisions, even if I completely disagree with them (no more mom shaming)
  23. I will try to post more pictures of myself and less of my cat or dog (I’m super self-conscious, so sadly I’ll break this one before I even get started)
  24. I will respect my teenager’s right to privacy and stop posting embarrassing stories or pictures of him (or her).
  25. I will respect the fact that people believe many different things (as a Pagan-turned-Agnostic, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that I’m going to burn in a place I don’t even believe in).
  26. I will allow good enough to be good enough and stop demanding perfection.
  27. I will not criticize people for making a mistake.
  28. I will not judge my own success by that of others. 
  29. I will stop trying to take Instagram-worthy pictures of a sunset and just enjoy it.
  30. I will stop looking at the world through the lens of a camera in general and just be present in the moment.
  31. I will stop judging my looks against those of Instagram “stars” who take 700 pictures and run images through 50 filters to look that good in the first place.
  32. I will stop judging my value by the number of likes, shares, or repins that I get.
  33. I will make that craft I’ve been dying to try out but haven’t because I know it won’t look like the pretty Pinterest picture.
  34. I will remember that food bloggers stage images and it’s really okay if mine doesn’t look like theirs. Taste is all that counts, after all.
  35. I will try new things even if I think I won’t be able to get it right. 
  36. I will stop getting angry over things that only affect my life for a few seconds. Spilled milk takes a minute to clean, so why be pissed about it for an hour?
  37. I will stop trying to please everyone all the time. 
  38. I will stop valuing money above people. 
  39. I will learn to say “no” more often to things I really don’t want to do.
  40. I will learn to say “yes” more often to things I really want to do but am too scared to try.
  41. I will apologize if I inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings.
  42. I will not accuse people of being “too sensitive” or invalidate their feelings in any other way.
  43. I will remember that “sorry” should never be followed by “but.
  44. I will stop using the term “guilty pleasure,” because I should never feel guilty about liking something, even others find it “cheesy” or “mindless.”
  45. I will not huff and puff at someone who is taking too long and holding up a line, especially for something that isn’t their fault.
  46. I will not grump at cashiers for things beyond their control (like store prices, long lines, mislabeled items, etc).
  47. I will leave my house once a day, even if it’s just to walk around the back yard. (My social anxiety is getting really bad and I’m slowly allowing myself to become a shut-in)
  48. I will not take my bad day out on others.
  49. I will not let one bad moment define the whole day.
  50. I will stop apologizing for having anxiety disorder. 
  51. I will believe that the impossible is possible, at least once in a while.
  52. I will not chastise myself for being upset about something just because others have it “much worse.” Just because your situation isn’t as “dire” as someone else’s doesn’t mean your pain isn’t as real.
  53. I will actively listen when others are talking and not run through my to-do list in my head.
  54. I will take the time to learn about my child’s interests (even if I don’t really get the appeal of watching other people play video games).
  55. I will ask questions when I don’t understand something without worrying that it will make me look less intelligent.
  56. I will stand up for someone’s right to freedom of speech, even if I don’t agree with the speech.
  57. I will not assume the worst of people.
  58. I will organize the things that matter and accept that clutter is just fine in the things that don’t. (I like my messy room, but prefer a super tidy PC organization system)
  59. I will stop undervaluing myself and accepting less than I’m worth because I’m afraid to ask for more. 
  60. I will not bully others or try to make them feel like they are worth less than me in some way. 
  61. I will not let others bully me or allow them to make me feel like I am worth less than them in some way.
  62. I will say something nice about myself every day. 
  63. I will say something nice about other people at least once every day. 
  64. I will give one compliment for every complaint that I make. For example, if I complain about bad service at one place, I will compliment good service at another.
  65. I will make a real effort to be more polite because good manners never go out of style.
  66. I will not stereotype others.
  67. I will make a real effort to be on time, because being late is never fashionable or charming.
  68. I will not fake confidence. Instead, I will FEEL confident.
  69. I will spend more time doing things I love and not feel guilty that I’m not doing something “productive” instead. (I started this last year and I’m far less miserable for it).
  70. I will stop feeling bad because I can’t take my kid on vacation and instead feel good about the things I can give him. 
  71. I will not allow others to rain on my parade. Just because they’re grumpy doesn’t mean I have to be, too!
  72. I will embrace my own style and stop worrying about what magazines tell me are in trend.
  73. I will not let toxic people suck the joy out of my life.
  74. I will send people to voicemail or ignore texts when I need time for myself and not feel bad about it.
  75. I will stop assuming that people are ignoring me just because they don’t reply to my text right away.
  76. I will stop assuming that people should just know why I am upset and instead tell them what’s bothering me. 
  77. I will not hold grudges over minor things or harp on people after they’ve apologized. 
  78. I will, however, accept that choosing not to forgive someone doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me human. Some things are unforgivable, and that’s okay.
  79. I will not feel guilty for choosing to binge-watch Netflix instead of spending the evening reading a book.
  80. I will stop expecting my kid to be perfect at everything when I myself am not. 
  81. I will not feel guilty about liking the movie better than the book!
  82. I will declare bedtime a worry-free zone. No sense fretting about things that you can’t do anything about until morning, right?
  83. I will commit random and anonymous acts of kindness rather than do something nice just so I can brag about it on social media.
  84. I will not do that thing where I pretend to be all humble but really I’m looking for kudos.
  85. I will find something to be grateful for every day, even if it’s just a really good cup of coffee.
  86. I will do at least one creative thing every day. Even if it’s just coloring in an adult coloring book.
  87. I will do at least one relaxing thing every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  88. I will not throw away perfectly good stuff just because some lady on Netflix said I should chuck things that don’t bring me “joy.”
  89. I will, however, throw out things that make me absolutely miserable or serve no real purpose, like those jeans I’ll never fit into again or that pile of old magazines.
  90. I will make plans to travel, even if I can’t actually afford to follow through on the plans. This study showed that the planning stage had just as many benefits as the real deal.
  91. I will not go with the flow when it’s heading in the wrong direction. Instead, I will fight like a little salmon against that flow and stand up for what is right.
  92. I will ask for help when I need it. 
  93. I will not get mad or hurt when someone can not help me because they are dealing with their own tough situations.
  94. I will support more local businesses. 
  95. I will stop assuming that my work-at-home friend is “always available” for whatever I need. Seriously, just because I’m home doesn’t mean I’m not working!
  96. I will do more things alone. If I want to to eat at the Mongolian grill down the street or see a movie, I’ll go even if no one else wants to go with me!
  97. I will not give up on my goals just because I falter occasionally. 
  98. I will, however, allow myself to give up on a goal that I’m no longer passionate about.
  99. I will do my best every day to be a genuinely good person and treat others with respect. (While I feel like I do this already, it’s a good goal to make again every year).