Ten Tips to Help Turn Scared Parents into Confident Ones

Ten Tips to Help Turn Scared Parents into Confident Ones

I’m really excited to share this exclusive post from Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids:Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry.  I am intrigued by the free-range idea, mostly because that’s pretty much how I grew up. I’m far from a helicopter mom, but I do have a few fears and worries that are probably a bit over-the-top. I’ll let Lenore do the rest of the speaking. Everything below is all Lenore. I’m not sure I agree with every tip (I still need my Boo Boo Bear!), but I think she has a lot of […] Read more »

iCoffee Opus: My New Single-Serve Coffee Machine Love


I have new love in single-serve coffee machines, and his name is Opus. iCoffee Opus, to be precise. I received a complimentary machine in exchange for this honest review. Coffee and I have been in a committed relationship since I was about 15 years old. For those who have done the math in the past, you know that’s close to a quarter of a century. While my flavor and overall tastes may have changed throughout the years, I’ve never broken up with my morning cup. Or my mid-morning, late-morning, early afternoon, early evening…you get the point. I drink a lot […] Read more »

Dictating Death Preorder Promo: Get the Original Publisher Version!


Pre-order on Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Kobo / iBooks Publication Date: February 3, 2015 This book is not light reading. There are graphic scenes and there is not HEA. NOT intended for teens or young adults. Again, this is not light reading. Violence and craziness. You’ve been warned.*** Samantha wants to love him. Maria wants to kill him. Dr. Luke Lawson has no idea that the girl he’s dating has split personalities fighting to control her body. Samantha must keep Luke safe at all costs. If Samantha wins, Maria will die and disappear forever – taking Samantha with […] Read more »

Give Stunning Valentine’s Day Flowers from a Volcano with Bouqs #BOUQLOVE

Bouqs flowers

Looking for stunning Valentine’s Day flowers that go way beyond the basic arrangement and really perk up your house? Give romantic flowers from a volcano with Bouqs! I received a complimentary Bouq for this review. I am also a Bouq affiliate now, so if you order through the links on my site, I will get a commission. You’ll get pretty flowers and I’ll be able to pay my rent. Win-win, right? Bouqs: Beautiful Valentine’s Day Flowers from a Volcano I had such a hard time choosing the bouquet in the Bouqs shop I wanted because they’re all just so beautiful. […] Read more »

Set Them Up As Winners … Just Saying

Set them up as winners

“The more you do, the more you can do,” my mother would say. Oh, there’s a breaking point somewhere. If your kid took on tennis lessons, joined the track team, got the lead in the spring musical, kept up with school work and found a full time job on the side, something would breakdown eventually. But statistics show — I know from sitting in school board meetings as a cub reporter — that the kids who take on sports and piano lessons or play the flute and join the boy scouts do as well in school or better than the […] Read more »

Say it With Me: No More Fad Diets! Take the Great Grains Pledge + Giveaway!

Great Grains up close

Ready? Repeat after me: “I will not succumb to the hype of any more fad diets. Instead, I pledge to try to change my overall eating habits to include more wholesome foods and enjoy a normal, balanced diet.” Doesn’t that feel good? Oh, and by “normal, balanced diet,” I mean one that factors in our evolution as a human species, not one designed for our ancestors that lived so long ago, they actually used their appendix for important things! You know what I’m talking about, don’t play coy! Today I’m sharing the Great Grains Fad-Free Pledge. I received some delicious granola treats from […] Read more »

Absolutely Darling Free Valentine’s Day Printables


Looking for some adorable free Valentine’s Day printables for cards, activities and other projects? Check out a few of my favorites from some of the most talented bloggers around. These printables are perfect for your kids’ classroom V-Day card exchanges, your own gifts and pretty much anything else you can think of. Best of all, they’re free! Yay! Darling Free Valentine’s Day  Printables First, my absolutely favorite, the Be MINEcraft Valentine Printable from Club Chica Circle! My son will go nuts when he sees this one! I love the idea of taping this cute Maze Valentine Card Printable to a little […] Read more »

Skylanders Trap Team: We Trapped Kaos & Renewed Our Bond

Trap Team 1

Huge thank you to Activision for making one very special part of this post possible. More on that below. Christmas was almost a disaster. Actually, it kind of was. See, Jacob wanted Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition more than just about anything. Back in November, I dutifully ordered it before it went out of stock. At least I thought I did. It arrived and I didn’t even look at it. I wrapped it and put it away, so excited that I got him this limited edition game! On Christmas morning, I waited anxiously as he opened it. His eyes lit […] Read more »

Outsystem by M.D Cooper Promo Blast: FUNKO Pop Groot & Signed Copy Giveaway


Major Richards needs to get out of the Sol System Demoted by the military and hung out to dry, the media labels her the Butcher of Toro. Despite her soiled record, Tanis still one of the best military counter-insurgency officers in the Terran Space Force. And they need her to find the terrorists responsible for trying to destroy the GSS Intrepid, a massive interstellar colony ship in the final phases of construction at the Mars Outer Shipyards. It’ll be her ticket out of the Sol system, but Tanis discovers she is up against more than mercenaries and assassins. Major corporations […] Read more »