Earthjustice, an organization of lawyers and legal-minded people that works “to protect and strengthen federal environmental laws and preserve special places, like the Arctic,” has launched “Save Our Skins” a viral campaign aimed at preserving the lives of several endangered species. I’ve been passionate about issues regarding animals since I was about 14 (that’s over two decades), and protecting endangered species has always been a cause I believed strongly in.  Each section of the campaign focuses on one animal (the gray wolf, the salmon, and the polar bear), featuring videos, information about the cause, and an up-close and personal story told through the eyes of the animal that reads kind of like a dating profile. I really like the last part, it’s a unique and creative approach to getting the point across. I know this isn’t really a review or giveaway, but I did feel it was important enough to pass along.

Here is a little more information from Earthjustice themselves, shared through a Mom Fuse Pop Alert:

To get the word out, Save Our Skins is more than just a petition; it’s a chance for the soapbox to be given to the endangered animals themselves. As part of the campaign, each creature will share their daily adventures and trials on a personal Twitter account. We invite Mom Fuse readers to check out hardworking mama Polar Bear as she labors around the clock to provide for her cubs despite melting glaciers and shrinking food supplies. Whew – can’t a mom catch a break?!

While you catch up with mama Polar Bear, be sure to check out her friends, too – the misunderstood Gray Wolf and the overlooked Salmon who wants to be known as more than just a delicious meal. All three animals are resilient creatures who did not survive this long just to have politicians put their existence up for a vote. Please do your part to get the word out to Congress about this vital issue RIGHT AWAY! Earthjustice aims to send 37,000 letters telling the government that we oppose these attacks on the ESA, and we need you to help us reach our goal! These animals deserve to be on this earth just as much as the rest of us: extinction is not an option.


1.   Click here to send a pre-written letter to Senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell.
2.   For those with a blog : share info about Save Our Skins. Check out videos (embed codes available) plus photos and more info on our Social Media Release. Feel free to contact with any questions.

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